Walmart in Orlando: Amazing Shopping Tips

I have to confess one thing: I am a fan of Walmart in the USA. Serious. When we lived in Orlando and worked at Disney, I was always hearing phrases like “I went to Walmart, I remembered you” or “I’m going to Walmart and I decided to call you to see if you want to go too, you like it so much”.

You can judge me if you want, but I know I’m not alone in this addiction, as I don’t know a Tourist who went to Orlando and hasn’t visited Walmart at least once. Do you know some? Yeah, I bet not.

Walmart is the leading US supermarket. Therefore, it is a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Orlando, along with other supermarkets in the city.

I say that Walmart Orlando is a mandatory stop for Tourists for a number of reasons, but the main one is the low price. The everyday low price policy is part of Walmart’s philosophy around the world, but it’s taken even more seriously in the United States.

That’s where all Tourists go crazy, and with good reason. If for Brazilian standards the normal price for Americans is already quite low, when we have the chance to buy at low prices according to American standards, for us it’s as if every day is a Black Friday!

Thus, it is very difficult to stick to the shopping list and not buy a thousand other things simply because they are useful and MUCH cheaper than in Brazil or Europe.

I’ve already told you about the time Nathalia entered Walmart to buy a suitcase and left with a piece of furniture for his house, right? But when you find a piece of furniture for $29, it’s hard to say no.

Quite honestly, what most arouses my interest in Walmart is not just the price, but the wide variety of products. Walmart Orlando is the kind of place where we find the main product categories that make up the Tourist shopping list, all gathered in one place and at competitive prices.

It’s a great convenience, especially for those who are on a more rushed trip. In addition, the supermarket has products to please the whole family. My family is always divided as soon as they arrive at Walmart, and we spent a good few hours there, each one in his corner looking at the products of interest to him.

If you want to buy a Blu Ray, a grill, a whiteboard, a video game or a plush Mickey, you can find it all there. It’s an undeniable facility. If you have time to explore the food shelves, you will see some very interesting items. For example, there are hot chocolate and soups that heat up on their own, without using electricity or fire. A great idea for those who want to take their own food to the parks (respecting all the rules of course, which you can find here).

As a good Walmart addict that I am, I arrive at any unit in Orlando feeling at home, knowing where to find what I’m looking for.

But recently, observing the behavior of some Tourists in the city and answering some questions on the blog, I realized that arriving at Walmart without knowing it can be a little bit dizzying, don’t you think?

The stores are always so huge that sometimes you end up wandering around without knowing what’s worth buying or not.

Also, I’ve noticed that many people still have questions about which Walmart Orlando to visit and how to use the Walmart website to search.

The idea of ​​this article is to be able to help solve all these problems so that you feel more comfortable and safe to enjoy the best of this wonderful supermarket.

Warmart Orlando: Stores and Opening Hours

Many people ask us which is the closest Walmart to their hotel or the opening hours of the stores. Or, how to access the American Walmart website to research products, since we are always redirected to the International version of the website.

The answers to all these questions are very simple, check it out!

To find the closest Walmart to your hotel, just open Google Maps (amazing tool, tourist’s best friend) and put the address of the place where you are going to stay or simply the name of the hotel. In the example below, I opened Google Maps and searched for the Hilton Lake Buena Vista hotel.

Once Google Maps finds your hotel, make it plot a route by clicking Itinerary/Directions (highlighted in the image below) to the nearest Waltmart, as you see below.

Walmart Orlando – Google Maps ScreenShot

First look for your hotel. In the example I just typed “Hilton Lake Buena Vista” and Google Maps already found the hotel. Then click directions or itinerary to plot the route.

Note that in general Google Maps will understand that your hotel (which you indicated first) is the place you want to get to and that you will still enter the origin address.

Since what you want is exactly the opposite (ie, you want to go from your hotel to Walmart and not the other way around) click on the two arrows (one up and one down) right next to the text box. will reverse the destination and origin location (as shown in the image below). After that, write “Walmart” as your target location.

You don’t need to specify anything else, just write Walmart and click the search button ignoring all the suggestions that Google will give you below the text box, as in the example.

Walmart Orlando - Google Maps ScreenShot
Walmart Orlando – Google Maps ScreenShot

Google will direct you to the nearest Walmart Orlando and may ask you if you want to see another unit. If you want, just click on the highlighted box in the image below and you will see the list of other units in the region, all in order of distance from your starting point (the hotel you placed the address on).

Walmart Orlando - Google Maps ScreenShot
Walmart Orlando – Google Maps ScreenShot

Easy, right? And you can repeat this process for any other establishment you wish to visit.

To enter Walmart’s American website and search for products and prices, just type in google or in your browser “”. If you are redirected to the International website (in case you’re browsing from outside the US), just scroll to the end. In the right corner will appear an option for you to change the country.

Walmart Orlando - ScreenShot
Walmart Orlando – ScreenShot

Walmart website splash screen photo showing where to select “United States” as the reference country
Now that you’ve arrived at the American website, in addition to researching products, you can check the opening hours of a specific store. To do this, just choose the “Store Finder” option in the top menu at the beginning of the page (highlighted in the image below)

Walmart Orlando - ScreenShot
Walmart Orlando – ScreenShot

After clicking Store Finder, you will be able to search for stores by city, state or zip code (which could be your hotel). But you’ll already know the nearest store because you’ve checked on Google Maps, right? 🙂 Once the website brings the stores to the region you defined, you can see more details of each one of them by clicking on the store name. Among the details available are the hours of operation. It is in the space highlighted in the second image below.

Walmart Orlando - ScreenShot
Walmart Orlando – ScreenShot
Walmart Website - ScreenShot
Walmart Website – ScreenShot

Orlando Walmart Shopping Tips

It is very difficult to define which are the best products to buy at Walmart Orlando. This will depend a lot on your shopping habits and preferences. Anyway, in order to help guide purchases, I’m going to talk a little bit about each department I usually visit and the highlights of each one of them to help you take a more critical look at all the shelves.


We’ve already talked a lot about buying electronics on a trip to the US here on the OHTrips (click here if you haven’t read the complete guide to buying electronics in Orlando).


Although Walmart isn’t the place where people go to buy them, there’s a lot of great prices there. You find televisions, tablets, video games, laptops and even cameras like the GoPro.

The price can be very advantageous. If you find somewhere cheaper, just take the ad from the other store when you go to the cashier and the discount is granted right there, without bureaucracy.

DVD, Video Games and Blu Ray

Maybe this is one of the areas where I spend more time at Walmart. One of the things I like most about this supermarket is the amount of cheap DVDs they sell. I know DVDs have already been overtaken by Blu Rays. But when I see a DVD of a super cool movie for $2 or $3, I don’t think twice about taking it home.

After all, every DVD works on Blu Ray players and the quality is still good. Here’s a tip: be sure to check out the movies, but remember that the vast majority of them are available in English with dubbing/subtitles only in Spanish.

You can even find some titles with Portuguese subtitles, but they are hard to find. To find out whether or not the movie has a Portuguese subtitle, check the details on the back cover of the dvd.


As we already talked about in the material about purchasing kitchen items, Walmart has a very interesting range of products for the home.

I’m repeating that in this article as well because Walmart’s home items aren’t just limited to the kitchen.

There you will find everything from bed linen, towels to aromatic candles, pictures and whatever else you have the courage to put in your suitcase. Nathalia already brought a lamp, who am I to judge.


When I lived in Orlando, I bought everything for my house there, from a baking sheet to a blanket.

And I love the blanket I bought there so much that it’s my pet to this day. Another good item purchased there was an electric wine opener. Anyway, if you’re interested, it’s worth the visit.

Cosmetics and Pharmacy

You would probably be freaked out by the time I spend in the pharmacy part of Walmart.

But it’s not a hypochondriac thing. They have some products that are really worth you to check out. First of all, the amount of Band-Aids existing in the US impresses me a lot and I always bring a different one here.

Walmart Pharmacy
Walmart Pharmacy

It’s antibiotic band-aid, blister band-aid, band-aid to prevent the shoe from giving you blisters, well, there are many types. Also, for those who lack any vitamin or nutrient, you can find a number of interesting vitamin capsules there.

Another thing I sometimes buy is those muscle relaxant patches you know?

After days at the park, walking with a backpack on your back or a bag on your shoulder and sleeping in a bed that is not yours, sometimes your muscles ask for this care. It’s something very similar to that Salompas but you find some even more powerful, see?

Finally, I love miniature products and travel kits. First aid kits, hygiene and beauty kit with mini soap, mini brush, mini toothpaste, mini everything!

As for cosmetics, I end up buying a lot more at other stores (like the ones I mentioned in the cosmetics article in Orlando). But it’s still worth taking a look at the moisturizers, shampoos and hair creams being sold here (like the famous Aussie). I also like to take a look at shaving products.


Walmart clothes are as simple as they are cheap. I don’t buy a lot there.

However, if you want a sweatshirt, a basic t-shirt or any product that is very neutral without much complication, you can find good options to meet your needs here.


From time to time I buy some packages with socks too, or a pair of pajama pants. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to find clothes with Disney prints. It’s a much cheaper alternative to a souvenir than the clothes bought at the official park stores.


If you are a sports enthusiast, beware: beware. Many people get so excited about the prices of sports equipment at Walmart Orlando that they end up buying much more than they need or can take home.

And when I talk about sporting items, I’m not just talking about football, okay?

There you will find products for sport fishing, baseball, basketball and most other sports you can imagine. It is worth mentioning that the products there are very generic, much more aimed at amateurs.

You’ll find what you need to play most sports, but don’t expect to find official team shirts or specialty branded products. For this you will need to visit other stores.


There may not be a luggage department exactly, but this is one of the best-selling items for Tourists visiting Walmart, so it’s worth including it here.

Do you know that moment on the day before returning home when you really see that you bought too much and it won’t fit in your suitcase? It’s the time you rush to Walmart to buy a big, cheap suitcase.

Luggage is displayed for sale a Walmart Inc. store

If you want a more durable and resistant bag, maybe other stores will serve you better, but Walmart bags are a super breaker. They are mostly cloth and that’s why I say they may not suit everyone.

However, they are cheap and great for solving the problem of too much shopping and too little luggage.

Patio & Garden

This is an area that hardly anyone pays attention to at Walmarts, as in most stores this section is in an outdoor area.

There you can find everything from gardening products, such as watering cans, hoses, shovels, seeds, seedlings, even decoration for gardens, such as lanterns, armchairs, vases and other things that are difficult to bring home.


My dad even bought a gas grill in that department of Walmart.

We just couldn’t bring it home because of the size and bad faith of the transport company, but that’s a story to tell in another opportunity.

Baby & Kids

Walmart has a very large children’s toys and products department.

Maybe it’s not the store where you’ll find all the items for your baby’s trousseau (these stores we’ve already listed here), but you’ll definitely find products to make your life easier and especially various toys to give to a dear child.

I remember spending hours at Walmart Orlando picking Polly Pockets when I was little. Good times…

The idea here is that you can find several products featuring Disney characters for much more affordable prices than in the parks. This can be a good solution for your travel souvenir list.

Grocery store

Walmart’s food part is worth a visit even if you’re not planning to cook during your trip.

There’s always some nonsense that I like to bring it home and some other products that I didn’t even know existed and I try it out of pure curiosity (it’s the case of hot chocolate that heats up on its own, for example).

Nathalia and I always buy microwave popcorn from Orville, Nestle Toll House cookie dough, Oreo with double filling, Pop Tarts and maple syrup to eat with pancakes when you miss the USA, between other crap that we love so proudly.

If you plan to cook during your time in Orlando, my tip is not to buy fresh produce at Walmart. Give preference to other markets to buy fruit and meat for example.

Walmart is super cheap and is great for purchasing industrialized products (such as Oreo biscuits for example) that will be the same wherever you buy them.

As for products that require special care in conservation, such as meat, vegetables, fruits and other fresh products, I always prefer to buy them at Publix or Whole Foods.

I also do not recommend buying any ready-made dishes made at Walmart (such as roasted chicken there, cooked meats there, etc.).

To keep costs and prices so low, certainly none of this has been preserved and prepared with the same rigor as a Whole Foods, for example. So keep your focus only on industrialized products, huh?

Another great tip for those staying in a hotel/house with a freezer is the ice cream shelf. Folks, Haagen Dazs is VERY cheap in the United States and you can find even more flavors.

Public utility

There are several items that are scattered in other categories that I didn’t mention but that deserve your attention on your next visit to Walmart. That’s why I’m going to list them now.

Bubble Wrap: Excellent for packing delicate items you purchased on the trip and ensuring they won’t break on the way home.

Label Maker: Call me an organization freak (which is funny, because I’m not). But a labeling machine is super useful.
Blackboard: I bought a blackboard for my kitchen and I think it’s great, so I wanted to leave a tip here.

Hand Warmer: If you’re visiting Disney on cold days (click here for tips on visiting Orlando in winter), these inexpensive products that are sold next to the cashier are self-warming sachets for you to leave in your pocket and warm your hand.

Cheap raincoat: If you buy your raincoat when it starts to rain at Disney, you will pay at least 5 times more than buying a raincoat at Walmart.

Walmart Orlando Discount Coupons

On Walmart’s American website you can find some coupons that can be printed for discount in stores (click here to see what is currently available).

It’s always worth taking a look at what they’re offering, but in general coupons are only valid for products of lesser value, such as washing powder, food, soap and so on.

This discount FoodSaver is an excellent vacuum sealer. I have and recommend.

Is that you? What do you most like to buy when you visit Walmart? Tell us here. And I hope that with this material I can enjoy this supermarket even more.

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More Tips for Your Trip to Orlando

As we talked about above, be sure to check out our youtube channel where we give several travel tips to Orlando.

In addition we show you lots of cool things to do there, do you want a better way to plan a trip than already living a little bit of what you will see there?

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