Complete Guide to the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

The Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando make visiting the park worth it. So to get the most out of a day tour, check out the following tips.

Find out the best of sealife

SeaWorld is a franchise with theme parks in Orlando, San Diego, and San Antonio. Over 50 years, its mission is to rescue and rehab animals. Then education is part of their goals, with special programs such as up-close encounters.

With all the options in the Sunshine State, it’s hard work to choose one. Especially when you have to get to a consensus with all your travel mates. But for those wondering if SeaWorld is worth it, the answer is: yes.

From animal exhibits to thrilling roller coasters, this theme park has something for everyone. Therefore it makes a good tour for a family, but also for a friend group.

Enjoy the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando will take you no more than a day. Since it is a smaller park it’s easy to know most of the attractions within a few hours.

Though that doesn’t mean it won’t be intense, so prepare yourself to have a great time.

Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando 

Prior to the visit, it is always good to know the top things you would like to do.

After that, if time allows, you’ll be able to meet the other ones. Besides, listing priorities helps to get the most out of them. Below, you’ll find out the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando and more!

The most thrilling roller coasters at SeaWorld Orlando

If you’re looking for adrenaline spikes, the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando are roller coasters.

The park has 6 in total, including the fastest and taller in the city. Here’s a selection of the top ones.


First of all, this ride is a unique experience because of the face-down inverted position. In other words, you’ll have the feeling of flying over water. Despite finding the posture unusual at the beginning, you get used quickly.

Before getting on board riders can see numerous rays from different species. The manta-like train is to simulate how this kind would glide through the sea. As the height requirement is 54 inches, it is not for younger kids, like the other two main roller coasters.


This mythologically inspired roller coaster is over 150 feet tall and it’s floorless. That is to say, your feet dangle as the 7 loops go by. The giant Kraken at the entrance set the atmosphere of this ride.



A Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando list wouldn’t be complete without the fastest and tallest roller coaster in the city. The thrill-seekers really should not skip it, due to the weightless feeling one experiences.

Like the other rides, Mako is heavily themed over sea life.

Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando for kids

In case you’re bringing the whole family with you, there are plenty of ride options. Kids have an entire dedicated section, Sesame Street Land. Now, find out the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando for toddlers and smaller kids.

Abby’s Flower Tower

Get the best section views from above in Abby’s Flower Tower. Certainly, the children will love to spin around and up in the air in it.

Big Bird’s Twirl ‘N’ Whirl

This one is basically a version of a spinning teacup ride. Instead of crockery, kids can twist as fast as they want in nests.

Cookie drop!

Have fun in this drop tower meant to make riders feel like a chocolate chip. So get ready and hold on tight to bounce up and down at one of the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando for kids.

Elmo’s Choo Choo Train

With Elmo as a guide, the short train tour is ideal for toddlers. But make sure kids under 36 inches have a supervising companion. Otherwise, they won‘t be allowed to ride.

Slimey’s Slider

Kids can get a little dizzy since Slimey’s Slider is constantly spinning. The colorful look and giant apple cores may catch their attention though.

Super Grover’s Box Car Derby

This family-friendly coaster speeds up to 28 mph. On the other hand, the track is about 800 feet long. Then it is perfect to be a kid’s first experience with roller coasters.

Other attractions at SeaWorld Orlando

You must prioritize the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando in a few hours’ visit. However, with enough time, you can also enjoy some other rides and attractions.

Infinity Falls

It is one of the wet rides, as it simulates a river. The experience begins with a 40-foot vertical elevator lifting up the drafts. After that, a non-stop fall from this height awaits.

Journey to Atlantis

SeaWorld’s water coaster has a medium thrill level, but it’s not boring at all. The two steep drops guarantee adrenaline spikes just as the biggest park’s roller coasters.

Turtle Trek

Learn more about sea turtles’ life journeys in a 360-degree theater showcase. Meanwhile, it is a good opportunity to rest and cool off. 

Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin

For many guests, this is one of the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando. It is a dark and trackless ride, with an exhibit about penguins’ lives. In the end, visitors get to meet the real animals. Currently, it is possible to skip the ride and see the penguins straight away.

Dolphin Cove

Watch bottlenose dolphins in an interactive pool, one of the largest in the world. You can see them both above or below the surface and hopefully get friends with them for a photo!

The Best Shows at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld is best known for the orca shows. In spite of the fact those animals don’t swim with trainers anymore, they’re still happening.

Also, an alternative is the dolphins’ show. Below you’ll find out more about them.

Orca Encounter

The new educational presentation replaces the former One Ocean. It is also a fun show and to see these magical creatures live is priceless. So it’s a good opportunity to learn about them and their role in the ecosystem.

Dolphin Adventures

Besides the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando, the shows make the visit worth it. And Dolphin Adventures is probably the guests’ top pick in this category. The trainers swim and do tricks with dolphins creating a really cheered-up atmosphere.

Along with all the fun, you may learn everything about dolphins’ behaviors. If you’re looking for the splash experience, take the front seats.

Sea Lion and Otter Spotlight

Truth be told, everybody loves sea lions! This was the last show to get a refresh with a more educational inclined goal. However, they didn’t cut off the entertainment and the presentation is still the funniest one. 

Exclusive Animals Experiences at SeaWorld Orlando

Not only the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando make a good visit. A few options of up-close meeting sea animals are available too. Here’s a selection of the most popular ones.

Dolphins Up-Close Tour and Dolphin Encounter

The major difference between the two alternatives is time. As the Up-Close is a 30 minutes tour, the Encounter is a 15 minutes experience. On both of them, you’ll get to touch and feed the dolphins.

Get face-to-face with killer whales

SeaWorld’s orca shows made the park famous all around the globe. Nowadays, they try to focus on educating the public about killer whales. This initiative is part of it and offers an exclusive Q&A with specialists.

On this tour, you’ll be able to interact with them. Furthermore, you might be bringing a picture back home with you. By the way, a 4 printed photos package add-on is available.

Penguins Up-Close Tour

Meet the backstage of Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin in this tour. It is approximately 45 minutes and the guests can ask everything about these animals. Further, visitors can touch and take photos with penguins.

Get the most out of The Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando with an All-Day Dining Deal

SeaWorld is more restricted than other parks and bringing food and drinks in isn’t allowed. The good news is: their dining plan is the greatest deal. It includes an entreé per hour along with a non-alcoholic drink. Also, you can choose a side or a dessert.

Though, you must consider a few things. First of all, it’s good to have in mind that the lines can be long. Therefore, it is crucial to think about how much time you want to spend. Other than that, if the waiting fits your schedule. 

All things considered, you may want to do some math and see if it’s worth it for you. Some visitors prefer doing the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando, rather than a full experience. If that’s not you, then the All-Day Dining Deal it’s totally worth it.

The dining options are really good and portions are well-sized. Visitors can purchase the vouchers online and collect the bands at the entrance. 

How to skip lines on the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

With the Quick Queue Unlimited, one saves a lot of time. For those who don’t like waiting in never-ending lines, it is the best deal. The add-on allows front line access to the following rides:

At some rides, Quick Queue’s lines are near the exit and it can be a little confusing. It might be helpful to search for signs that point you in the right direction. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be all about enjoying the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando.

Top tips on the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

Like other parks, SeaWorld is easier to navigate if you know what to expect. So, here’s a list of clever ideas on what to bring and how to prepare.

Do some research and bring a cheat sheet

Getting the most out of the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando takes organization. Therefore, do some research and put together a must-do list. Restaurants should also be on that note. However, notice the dining plan doesn’t include all of them.

Arrive as early as possible

To avoid long lines on every single ride, it’s better to arrive before everybody else. It doesn’t mean you won’t be facing them at some point, but stills. This way, maybe you’ll have some extra time to check out all the attractions.

Bring raincoats, quick-dry clothing or both

At least once, the guests will get wet and for this reason, be prepared. It’s never too much to bring extra clothing, just in case. Or even light raincoats plus a fast-drying towel could save the day. If you feel like it is too much, there are lockers available.

Use the park map

When you first arrive, get a map and plan which one of the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando to go first. It has all the information you need, such as a timetable. 

Parking at SeaWorld Orlando

The parking fee starts at $25 and you can save some time by purchasing online. Nevertheless, some hotels offer low-cost transportation to theme parks. Also, free parking is a benefit of Fun Cards and Annual Passes.

Have a great time at the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando

Now you know everything about the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando it is your turn to visit it. See below a few more tips and have a great time!

General tips to save money and time

A list of top things to do including the shows must revolve around them. Since they happen only a few times a day, prioritizing presentations is a better choice. Try to arrive early too to get the finest seats or be in the splash zone if you like.

One day is enough time to enjoy the park. Especially for those looking for the Best Rides at SeaWorld Orlando only. But to have a more complete experience, maybe you’ll need a day and a half.

You can save a lot of time by purchasing tickets and other deals online. Also, checking out the weather forecast is never too much in Florida. Otherwise, you can see yourself in the middle of a thunderstorm all of a sudden.

In summer, it might get hot and humid so keep that in mind when packing. To avoid a big-massed crowd one can visit the park on weekdays. Considering SeaWorld closes earlier than other theme parks, plan to spend about 10 hours there.

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