How Much Does a Trip to Orlando Cost

Every plan or desire to book a trip to Disney begins with the question: how much does it cost to travel to Orlando? How much money do I need to save so I can make this trip? Despite being a question that every traveler asks, the answer, of course, is not so simple. But rest assured that we will answer anyway.

How much does a trip to Disney cost?

First of all, it’s worth knowing that the cost of the trip will vary greatly depending on some of your decisions. Today the idea is to contemplate all the variables ​​ (including your profile) in order to give you an idea of ​​how much you should spend on a trip to Orlando.

For that, I’ll talk about all the expenses of the trip, one by one, besides bringing some tips on how to save or avoid unnecessary expenses in each one of them. This is the main part of the post that will allow you to calculate costs, based on the type of trip you intend to take. That is, with the number of days you have in mind, visiting the parks you want, with the type of hotel and food that makes sense to you, etc.

But if you want a more concrete value to base yourself on, I’ll also show you how much the trip costs thinking of 3 profiles, which I’ll call P, M and G profiles (ie for small, medium and large budgets respectively).

  • P Profile: economical good, willing to cut any unnecessary expenses and save in every corner possible.
  • M Profile: Moderate, the normal pattern that encompasses most people. In other words, you don’t want to spend too much, but you have some flexibility regarding the cost to ensure a minimum of comfort and that everyone will enjoy the trip.
  • G Profile: luxury, for those who have a flexible budget and want to make a very special trip, with all the comfort and different schedules they can.

However, if you just want to see how much each trip costs, you can skip to the end of the post that has the prices for these 3 profiles.An important point: it is always worth mentioning that these are average expenses and that variations (for less or more) can and will undoubtedly exist. It may seem obvious but it’s still worth warning, right? Well then let’s get started!

Visa and Passport

We’ve already written a whole other post with tips and step-by-step instructions about all the bureaucracy involved in getting a visa and passport (click here to read), but talking about cost, the situation here is pretty standard for everyone, regardless of your trip profile.

How much?

Today, it costs R$257.25 per person to get a passport and US$160 for a visa. But the good news is that the validity is long, so the same visa and passport can be used for multiple trips. If you already have both valid then this is one less expense you will have to consider.

Tips for saving money

If the idea is to save, the ideal is not to close the other expenses before you have everything right in this stage of the trip – just in case. Also, this allows you to have more flexibility to take advantage of any promotions that appear in other expenses, so it’s worth trying to sort out the passport and visa as soon as possible.


A very significant expense of the trip is always airfare. This is also an expense with very variable prices and the factors influencing the values ​​are numerous. There are some that you can control (such as time of travel, number of stopovers or the airport you want to leave/return to, among others). In addition there are external factors (oil price, dollar exchange rate, among other zillions of things).

We’ve also already written an article with tips on how to buy a cheap ticket, which you can read here, but today we’re just going to talk about price.

How much?

Currently, an economy ticket costs between US$600-1000 departing from the main airports in Brazil, being always cheaper off-season and more expensive in high season. If you want to travel around Christmas or New Year, prices get even higher.

For those who want to travel in business or first class, prices will vary much more: from US$2,500 to over US$20,000.

By the way, an important detail: don’t forget to check if your airline charges any extra fees for luggage, huh? See more information about it here.

Tips for saving money

One tip is to be flexible and constantly monitor the sites that advertise air promotions to be able to take advantage of one that suits you as soon as it becomes available.


The good news is that Orlando is a city full of lodging options. Since the good law of supply and demand never fails us, this means you can find very honestly priced places to stay.

Contemporary Resort - Walt Disney World
Contemporary Resort – Walt Disney World

Since most families spend little time at the hotel, this is one of the first expenses you can “tighten your belt” if your budget demands it.

Of course, you can’t give up security or cleanliness, so be sure to check out some tips we’ve already given here for choosing a nice and safe hotel, even if it’s cheaper.

However, for those who want to enjoy the hotel during the trip and are willing to pay a little more for it, the options are undoubtedly even more fun. Themed hotels for the whole family, luxury hotels that make you not even want to go to the parks (cough cough – Four Seasons!), Disney hotels that leave you in that magical mood all day, just to name a few.

How much it cost?

Anyway, let’s get down to business: prices! I’ll talk to the different types of hotels, more or less a price range for both high and low season, ok?

How much does a hotel outside of Disney cost?

Budget hotels: You can find room rates of around US$60-70 in very honest hotels in low season, and for US$75-90 in high season. There are also hotels even cheaper than that, but in this case you already need to look very carefully if it offers security, cleanliness and basic things that everyone expects in a hotel.

Moderate Hotels: Standard hotels from well-known hotel chains, such as Hyatt, Mariott or Hilton, cost around US$80-120 in low season and US$100-140 in high season.

Luxury Hotels: Here the sky is the limit, because some Orlando hotels could be your vacation destination in their own right. In the case of more luxurious hotels, prices easily reach over 500 dollars a night. The most incredible ones like the Four Seasons or the most luxurious ones from Disney are usually in the range of 700 dollars per night.

How much does a Disney hotel cost?

Budget Hotels: Standard room rates at Disney budget hotels are around $120-140 in low season, and between $150-180 in high season. The cheapest are usually All Star and Pop Century, but depending on the time of year they can get even more expensive than that, reaching US$250-300 a day. In these cases, do you want advice? Look for another hotel! They are beautiful, but not worth that price.

Moderate Hotels: Disney’s moderate hotels are priced within a very wide range, as this category features hotels that are very different from each other. In fact, most of them are in the range of $230-250 in low season and $250-300 in high season. The most expensive in this price range is usually Fort Wilderness, but for good reason. The chalets are self-catering apartments and not just the standard room. For this hotel, expect somewhere around US$350-380 in low season and US$450-500 in high season.

Luxury Hotels: Disney’s luxury hotels have room rates starting between $450-600 in low season and $500-800 in high season. The closer to the parks (especially the Magic Kingdom) the more expensive the hotel, which can easily go from $1000 a day at some times of the year.

Boardwalk - Walt Disney World
Boardwalk – Walt Disney World

Tips for saving money

Here are some important tips. The first one is to research different sales channels, as the price can vary (to make a quote with us, just click here). Another important point is to check if there is any resort fee or any other fee when making your purchase, as many hotels/sites charge the resort fee later (that is, you only pay there at the hotel). Then check whether or not this resort fee will be charged and plan your spending accordingly.

If you want to stay at Disney, it’s worth keeping an eye on the specific promotions of your resorts (a subject that we’ve talked about in more detail here). Depending on the size of your family, you may also want to consider staying at home or in a condo.

Park Tickets

Vish, there’s a subject that pays by itself! But if we think about it, it’s not a difficult subject (we’ve explained it in great detail here) and it’s undoubtedly the easiest expense for you to know how to calculate! To do this, just follow this step-by-step:

Choose the parks you want to visit (see our tips for making this choice by clicking here)

Understand the best package of tickets for these parks (see this same link that I mentioned just now).

Research up to three trusted sales channels to compare prices, and buy from the one you feel has the most attractive proposition. If you want to consider PDP Orlando, our partner on selling tickets and everything you might need for your trip.

Plus, it never hurts to remember to keep searching on channels you trust (or whose reputation you’ve carefully researched). Don’t look for miraculous deals like 50% off, because they don’t exist for tickets. If you come across something like this, be on your guard to make sure it’s not one of the classic Orlando scams you see out there.

How much

The value will depend on the parks you want to go to, where you will shop and the time of travel.

Below you will find the average values ​​for the main parks already with the discounts that we offer when buying with our partner PDP Orlando.

  • 4 Days Disney: depends on the date of travel, but between US$410 to US$567 per adult and US$393 to US$550 per child
  • 2 Days Universal Park to Park: from $269 per adult and $260 per child
  • SeaWorld: from US$87 per person (adult or child)
  • Busch Gardens: from US$90 per person (adult or child)
  • SeaWorld + Busch Gardens Combo: from US$108 per person (adult or child)

Tips for saving money

There are some tips, actually:

Choose only parks you really want to visit. For this, research and understand the proposal of each park and spend only on those that are effectively legal for your group.
Take our tours to enjoy the park more, guaranteeing that it will be worth every penny spent.
Research different sales channels (that you trust) before purchasing. That way you can guarantee that you’ll get a more interesting price, as well as support if you need it.
Consider ALL expenses in your comparison. Do you have any shipping? IOF? It all comes out of your pocket, so be sure to take it into account. For example, on our sales website there is 0.38% of the closing exchange rate. That is, in the end consider adding an average of $1 per ticket to this.
Keep an eye on Orlando sites (like this blog! 🙂 ) for price increases. Since tickets can be purchased well in advance, you can probably buy before any re-adjustments, paying cheaper in the end!


Possibly the subject that people have the most doubts about travel expenses, after all, it is the most difficult for you to research and anticipate exactly how much it will cost.

Also, the calculation completely depends on what you want to eat. Arrive at your house and ask everyone “what are we having dinner?” and I BET it’s going to be hard to reach a consensus.

Haha ha! If that’s how it is at home, then imagine while traveling!

How much?

I’m going to talk about values ​​for the 3 profiles I defined at the beginning of this post, but the truth is that if you want to live on supermarket bread and fast-food menu dollars, you can spend very little like that (although it costs a lot for yours health – but no judgments here!). If you want tips at this extreme level we have a post just for that here.

Here, I’m going to consider eating a little healthier even in the economic profile because that’s what I think most people are looking for. But I wanted to make it clear first of all that depending on what you’re up to, you can save even more! To give you an idea, there are a lot of frozen dishes that cost 1 or 2 dollars!

Cheap: buying a simple breakfast at the supermarket to eat at the hotel, having lunch and dinner at cheaper restaurants (whether in parks, shopping malls or around town). So you can spend about US$30 per person per day.
Moderate: considering coffee at the hotel, one of the other fast-food meals and the other at a restaurant. So you can consider somewhere around US$50-US$60 a day.
Luxury: You can eat hyper well with an average of US$85-US$100 per day. Of course, if you want to spend even more, you can, but in general, you end up spending more on one or another more special meal and saving on others afterwards. Even if money isn’t an issue, you’re hardly going to be hungry for more than that.

Tips for saving money

Many restaurants offer the same dishes for lunch for a better price than dinner. In general the menu is a little smaller, but if the dishes you’re interested in are available, you’ll probably be able to save money by going to lunch!

Shopping and Souvenirs

Turn and move we get a message here on the blog asking: “How much will I spend in Orlando just buying a few blouses, stuffed animals and a cell phone?”.

It may seem like a mega basic question but it’s so personal that it’s impossible to give an objective answer. How many shirts? Could it be from the supermarket or a brand? Which brand? Which cell phone? How many and which pets?

How much?

Everyone’s shopping list is pretty much as personal as their fingerprint, so I won’t write you any values ​​here because it wouldn’t help you at all – the value would definitely be wrong because I don’t know your shopping list.

So here I think you need to do the reverse work: see how much your trip will cost, how much money you have available and how much is left, assess how much you are willing to spend on shopping.

So make a list with the items you most want to buy and already research the prices and best conditions for them in advance. The rest, you go looking and buying what you like while strolling through parks and malls.

The Mickey and Minnie-shaped car antennas sold at Disney, examples of a great souvenir that doesn’t cost too much.
Disney car antenna is a great souvenir that doesn’t cost too much.

Tips for saving money

It’s not news to anyone that discount coupons can really earn you a good savings in the US. Also, in the souvenirs section, it’s worth looking at Disney stores at outlets and at the Florida Mall, where, in addition to different items, you can find more interesting prices.

For the simpler party favors (even with a Disney theme), supermarkets also bring many things for a MUCH cooler price. The quality may not be the same, but it’s still worth a look! See more tips on souvenirs from the trip here.


It all depends on which type of transport you are going to choose. We’ve already written in detail about the different options here, but what you need to know for this post is:

The cheapest option if you stay in the International Drive or Lake Buena Vista region, ends up being to use the free hotel shuttle to the parks (choose your hotel taking this into account) and Uber to the places where the hotel buses do not take you. We tell you more about using Uber in Orlando here.

The option that gives you more flexibility and autonomy, but still without a prohibitive price, is to rent a car. However, here it is important to consider that you will also have expenses with parking at the parks, gasoline and tolls.

The most convenient option is to book private transport with a driver who speaks Portuguese. It’s a little more expensive, but many people prefer the comfort and safety for those who don’t want to worry about driving and don’t want to speak English.

How much?

You can expect to spend roughly this price range for each form of transport:

Uber Price References

These are estimated prices, leaving International Drive for:

  • Magic Kingdom: from US$42 (round trip)
  • Hollywood Studios: from US$30 (round trip)
  • Epcot: from US$30 (round trip)
  • Animal Kingdom: from US$40 (round trip)
  • Florida Mall: from US$25 (round trip)
  • Premium Outlet: from US$20 (round trip)
  • Universal Studios: from US$18 (round trip)
  • Islands of Adventure: from US$18 (round trip)
  • Orlando Airport: from US$48 (round trip)
  • Estimated total: $271

Also, you can more accurately calculate the estimate for the snippets you will need in the calculator on the official Uber website. Just enter your hotel and desired destinations. Remember that the price can get a little more expensive than estimated at the busiest times, when they add a multiplier.

Car Rental References

For the example of this post, just to give you an idea, I’ll consider:

  • 10-day compact rental: from US$300
  • Fuel: US$60
  • Tolls: $10
  • Parking for 6 days of park: US$150 (US$25 per day)

In this case, it would be a total of $520, but if you want more details on the costs, see here all about car rental and here all about tolls.

Private transfer

If you want a private transfer, those with a driver who speaks Portuguese, the value should be around US$40 per way (one way OR return) for the whole group. However, it depends on your itinerary and the number of people (if you need a van, for example, it can be a little more expensive).

Tips for saving money

For those who are not going to rent a car, the tip is to carefully evaluate the different alternatives (which we have already talked about here) and find a hotel that offers free transport to all or most of the parks you intend to visit.

For those who are going to rent a car, the tip is to rent in advance, as it is always more expensive to rent at the counter. Some sites, such as RentCars, allow you to compare various car rental companies and even manage to include additional insurance many times for a much more interesting price. You can also pay for everything in reais in some cases. Understanding the insurance (and that you can deny it if you want) is very important, as it is the main extra rental expenses that many people end up forgetting.

Travel insurance

The amount of insurance doesn’t have such a big impact on your travel budget, and it can save you a lot of headaches.

How Much?

The right price can vary depending on the coverage you want, the number of days of your trip, and other factors. Despite that, you can get good insurance for $40-$90 per person.

Tips for saving money

First of all, it is essential not to forget to take out insurance, as traveling without it is the typical cheap and expensive one. Second, if your health plan or credit card already provides you with some coverage in this regard. Sometimes you are already entitled to insurance and you don’t even know it.

Cell and internet chip

Not so much over the phone but much more over the internet, some people find it essential to get a cell phone chip for the period of travel. Despite this, this is an expense that you can easily give up if your budget is tighter. It’s even refreshing to be away from your cell phone! 😉

How much?

Again, the cost will vary depending on the plan you choose, but it is possible to stay connected at all times for between US$30-US$90.

Tips for saving money

First, carefully and critically assess whether you really need a cell phone chip, and if so, how many chips per family are needed on the trip. No doubt I find this one of the easiest expenses to cut.


Again, the cost here (if any) will depend on your purchases. But it’s important to know all the rules to avoid spending surprises when you return to Brazil after smashing shopping in Orlando. To learn about the rules and see if you have to pay anything, click here. The good thing is that this expense is really nil for the vast majority of families going to Orlando.

How much?

Nothing if you follow the established limits.

Tips for saving money

Understand the rules and costs before you start shopping.

Extra Tours

If you have plans to watch an NBA game, visit ICON Orlando (formerly Orlando Eye) or see a Blue Man Group show, of course all of this should be included in your travel budget. Here I have two good news:

None of these items are essential for your trip, so if they don’t fit in your pocket, it’s all right!
Many of them are pretty cheap, as you can see below.

How much?

Orlando NBA games start at around $20 and can cost as much as $400, depending on where you sit and what game you watch. Click here to learn more about NBA games and pricing and here to see what it’s like to watch games from the different seating options.

Likewise, tickets for ICON Orlando are also between $28-$46 approximately, depending on whether you just want to ride the Ferris wheel or whether you want to visit other attractions as well.

Since the extra tour options are really many, instead of listing them all, I think the warning is better: check everything that will be going on in Orlando at the time of your trip with the help of our guide month by month and check if you have it. some activity that you think deserves to be on your schedule. If there is, check how much it costs and include it here, okay? 😉

Tips for saving money

Basically the same rules that we have already given for purchasing tickets, and mainly research two or three sales channels you trust.

And then? How much is the trip to Disney?

Even though it’s hard to get an exact idea of ​​how much you’re going to spend on the trip, breaking it down point-to-point as we’ve done here, you can see that you can travel for as little as US$2000 per person, covering all travel expenses in one profile. more economical, as you can see below.

If your budget allows more, you can choose a nicer hotel, do more shopping, add more parks or tours, travel in a more comfortable time (if less cheap), and so on. Or if you want to spice up your trip, the sky’s the limit and the price can easily exceed $5000 per person – if you’re looking for a more luxurious trip in mind.

Pyrotechnic pixie-dust moments add occasional bursts of merriment each night at Magic Kingdom Park as projection effects transform Cinderella Castle with a flourish of holiday cheer. These magical holiday touches occur throughout the night as part of the seasonal celebrations happening across Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., through Dec. 30, 2020. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

In order for you to understand this calculation, thinking about the profiles I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I will pass the values ​​considering a 10-day trip for 2 types of groups:

  • a couple of adults
  • A family consisting of 2 adults and 2 children.

In both cases, I will consider that they will visit the 4 Disney and 2 Universal parks, ok? As I said before, these are just examples to help you get a better idea. Come on!

Profile P (economic)

  • Passport and Visa: around US$230 (exact amount will depend on exchange rate) per person
  • Ticket: US$650 per person
  • Accommodation: US$650 (10 nights from US$65)
  • Tickets: $652 per adult and $621 per child, with PDP Orlando discount (our sales site 🙂 ).
  • Food: US$30 per person on average
  • Transportation: $225 (assuming you used free hotel shuttle to Universal + Uber parks to Disney parks, to and from the airport, and to take 2 shopping trips)
  • Insurance: US$40 per person
  • Cell phone chip: no cell phone chip


  • Family of 2 adults and 2 children: US$2075.25 per person
  • Group of 2 adults: US$2309.50 per person

Profile M (moderate)

  • Passport and Visa: around US$230 (exact amount will depend on exchange rate) per person
  • Ticket: US$800 per person
  • Accommodation: $1300 (10 nights from $130 within Disney)
  • Tickets: $652 per adult and $621 per child, with PDP Orlando discount (our sales site 🙂 ).
  • Food: US$55 per person on average
  • Transportation: $520 with car rental
  • Insurance: US$70 per person
  • Cell Phone Chip: 2 $30 cell phone chips.


  • Family of 2 adults and 2 children: US$2756.50 per person
  • Group of 2 adults: $3242 per person

Profile G (luxury):

  • Passport and Visa: around US$230 (exact amount will depend on exchange rate) per person
  • Ticket: US$900 per person
  • Accommodation: US$5000 (10 nights of US$500 within Disney)
  • Tickets: $652 per adult and $621 per child, with PDP Orlando discount (our sales site 🙂 ).
  • Food: US$85 per person on average
  • Transportation: US$800 with private transfer to all parks, airport roundtrip and 2 extra shopping trips.
  • Insurance: US$90 per person
  • Cell Phone Chip: 2 cell phone chips of US$60 each.


  • Family of 2 adults and 2 children: US$4186.50 per person
  • Group of 2 adults: US$5682 per person

It’s still expensive! How do I make the trip cheaper?

  • Cut out some parks: If you focus on Disney, you already save over 200 dollars per person on Universal tickets, for example!
  • Cut some travel days: less travel time means fewer days paying for hotel and food away from home. If you’re really going to cut back on a few park days, maybe you can cut your trip down to fit your budget.
  • Eating cheaper: as I said, it’s far from being healthy, but you can live on a dollar menu and $1 dollar frozen foods. So you spend a lot less than what we put in the examples above.
  • Save more time: Another option, if you don’t want to give up anything on your trip, is to postpone it for a few months, in order to save more money so that you can do everything you feel like doing.

I hope this post, rather than offering a magic number, helps you to really understand the costs and thus calculate a realistic amount for what you can really expect to spend on this trip.

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