Orlando climate and temperature at every month of the year

Before traveling, we are always very concerned about the climate of the city we are going to. And when you go to Orlando then, this concern is even more important, as we spend a lot of time there walking around the parks, malls and other attractions of the city.

Also, even when packing your bags, considering the temperature is important, so that’s why I decided to tell you how Orlando’s climate works throughout the year.

How is the weather in Orlando?

Orlando is a city with a very varied climate, having two well-defined seasons throughout the year:

  • Winter (October to March): temperatures are lower and it rains very little.
  • Summer (April to September): temperatures are very high and it rains a lot.

The hot months in Orlando

In the summer and spring months, Orlando’s most striking attraction is the beach atmosphere that stays in the air. The first time I went there in a hot month, I remember leaving the airport and feeling a warm and humid air, very similar to that of Brazilian beaches in summer, in addition to that very characteristic humid smell.


It’s a good idea to put Hawaiians out and enjoy the parks and their water attractions, as well as Universal’s Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon and Volcano Bay water parks.

In fact, it’s even worth considering a trip to Florida beaches (which are beautiful), such as Clearwater, or a visit to state parks, such as Blue Spring State Park.

An important point to take into account: these months, it rains almost every evening in the city. It’s usually one of those quick summer showers, so it doesn’t get in the way of plans and fun. After all, after a very hot day, sometimes reaching 40 degrees, nothing is more refreshing than walking in the rain.

So leave your raincoat (or poncho, for the more intimate ones) covering your things and enjoy the water. Once the rain passes, you’ll see that the heat continues and you’ll be dry in 15 minutes.

Special tip: Buy raincoats at supermarkets, as they are much cheaper there than in parks. While the parks can be as low as 15 dollars, at Walmart and Target they are less than 1 dollar.

The cold months in Orlando

I always had an image in my head that Florida was sunny and hot all year round. It may be that the weather in Miami is almost like that, but in Orlando the cold is definitely a reality and you can’t ignore it.

In 2010, I was there in one of the coldest winters the city has ever had, and the temperature reached -8°C in a few days. The wait for the evening shows in the parks was very painful because of the cold and shopping was restricted to thermal coats and clothes.


But even so, you can’t help but enjoy the city: during the day it’s sunny and with a coat or sweatshirt you can stand the icy air, while at night you want to hole up in closed places like the Florida Mall or the Millenia malls.

Tip: Consider a fondue for a warm dinner, such as at Melting Pot, a specialized restaurant!

Orlando Hurricane Season

Florida has a tropical climate and is located in a region close to the route of tornadoes and hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hurricane season officially runs from June to November, but peaks between September and October. It is in these months that, historically, more tropical storms form that evolve into the hurricane category.

Important: this does not mean that every year there is a hurricane in Orlando in these months.

In fact, most of the time, the hurricanes that we see in the news affect the Florida coast more, as this type of natural phenomenon loses strength when it enters the mainland.


As Orlando is located in central Florida, the city ends up being more protected from the effects. Almost always, what arrives in the city is a storm with strong winds that lasts for a few hours, and that’s it.

In recent years, the biggest impact of hurricanes has been the cancellation of some flights and cruises, and the earlier closure of some parks.

However, as with any natural phenomenon, it is difficult to predict with certainty, and it is difficult to know in advance if there will be a hurricane and what its intensity will be. What we always say is that we still consider September one of the best months to visit Orlando, because of the lower prices and quieter parks.

In any case, the city is very well prepared to deal with this type of phenomenon, and the parks always care for safety, in addition to having effective procedures to deal with the situation.

Orlando averages

In the chart below, from the Weather Channel website, you can follow the average temperatures in Orlando in each of the months. Note that the orange line represents the maximum temperature of the month, while the blue line represents the minimum. The warmest months are from May to September.

On the other chart you can see the amount of rainfall per month. The months with the most rain are from June to September.

What is Orlando’s temperature this minute?

A quick and simple way to see the temperature right now is to Google “Orlando temperature”. This way you can see the result in real time, as well as a forecast for the weather for the next few days 🙂

Now get to work and let’s start packing!

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