Magicband – Disney’s Digital Wristband

A lot of people ask us questions here about how to use MagicBand. Even though we’ve already talked a lot about it here on the Oh Trips Blog, we’ve decided to create this page where you’ll read everything you need to know about the famous colored bracelets.

MagicBand is a gateway to My Disney Experience, the digital system that integrates different Disney services. It is a plastic wristband that has a built-in radio frequency chip, called RFID. With this chip on your wrist, Disney can identify you within parks, stores and hotels, in addition to offering you several personalized experiences.

MagicBand: how to use it within Disney

Containing your personal information, Disney’s MagicBand connects you to different services within the Orlando resort in order to facilitate your flow through the complex. It is worth saying that wearing the bracelet is a magical experience, as is almost everything done there.


On the front of the MagicBand is an embossed Mickey symbol. Touching this symbol to the sensors scattered throughout the parks, which also have a Mickey drawn, the MagicBand starts to work.

For example: to enter the park, just touch the Mickey of the bracelet with the Mickey that is in the “turnstile” of the park. By turning on a green light, you can enter. The same goes for the card machines for shopping, bedroom doors and so on…

Currently you can use MagicBand at different times:

Room Key: The MagicBand is an optional extra room key for Disney hotels, and to open the door, simply touch the bracelet on the sensor in the room lock.

Park ticket: a few years ago Disney abolished the use of paper tickets in its parks, as they wet, tore, crumpled, in short, they only caused problems. Therefore, today visitors can only enter parks with the magnetic card (read more about it at the bottom of this page) or with the MagicBand. They are where the ticket you buy over the internet or at the box office is linked and from where the days of use are deducted. Read more about Disney tickets by clicking here.
Ticket can be used in card format or with MagicBand. Image of the magnetic card that works as a Disney ticket, next to a pink MagicBand.

Fastpass+: Disney’s famous free “jumping line”. It works the same way as tickets, that is, it is stored in the MagicBand. At the entrance of all the attractions that are in the system, you will find a little post with a Mickey drawn. If you have a Fastpass+ available for that toy at that time, the post’s Mickey will light up as soon as you contact your MagicBand and the Cast Member will let you in via the shortest queue. Remember that Fastpass+ needs to be scheduled as we teach you here.

Memory Maker: Disney Photo Pack also works with MagicBand. When you buy it online, you link to your My Disney Experience account. Thus, the package automatically “enters” your bracelet. Using it with Disney Photopass photographers dotted around parks, restaurants, and photo-taking attractions (like some roller coasters), you’ll be able to access everything via the website or app. Remember that Memory Maker only works with MagicBand when both are linked to the same My Disney Experience account, as explained here.

Shopping and Dining: If you are staying at one of the hotels in the complex, then you can also link a credit card to your MagicBand for daytime use in shops and restaurants. You can pay the bill with the bracelet and at the end of the trip Disney will charge everything to your card. So you don’t have to carry your wallet around all day. You can also choose whether other people in your group can also use your wristbands as a payment method and even set a limit on the amount they will be allowed to spend. It’s a nice (and even educational!) game to put a soft limit on the children’s bracelet and leave them free to choose what they want to buy.

For security reasons, MagicBand can only be used to pay bills and make purchases after being authorized by a password that you define at check-in and type into the machine every time you make a payment with it.

The MagicBand was launched in 2014 and since then it has had several new models and functions added.

Until 2020 they were provided free of charge to everyone who stayed at Disney hotels, but now they are charged to guests as well, as explained below.

Where to buy MagicBand?

The bracelet is of great value to those who are staying at the hotels in the complex, as Disney concentrates all services in a single account.

Even those who are not staying at the complex can also buy theirs, starting at US$15.97 (actually $14.99 + Florida tax) at one of the outlets throughout the city. They range from the airport to parks, outlets and Disney Springs.


Until the end of 2020 it was provided free of charge to all Disney guests, but as of January 1, 2021 it is billed. The value of the MagicBand for guests is reduced, starting at US$5 each for the simpler models.

All Disney hotel guests receive MagicBands at check-in. Photo of a hand holding two Disney Hotels MagicBands, one orange and one green.

Since 2021, MagicBand is also charged to guests.

Also, there are some more elaborate models (with prints of characters, events, etc…) that can cost more than this basic model.

Before you can purchase a MagicBand, you must have a park admission ticket. If you want to have your MagicBand from day one and already have your tickets purchased, you can:

Purchase the MagicBand at Orlando airport and link to your MDE account where the tickets are linked (or have the e-ticket in hand). That way you don’t need to exchange the e-tickets for the magnetic card.
Go to Disney Springs as soon as you arrive in Orlando, head to the Pin Traders store across from Guest Relations and buy your bracelet (having the ticket already linked in your account, or your e-ticket in hand).
You can find MagicBand in dozens of locations inside and outside Disney. Some of them are:

Magic Kingdom

Mickey’s Gift Station at the Ticket and Transportation Center, the TTC (park parking lot).
Emporium on Main Street U.S.A.
Frontierland Trading Post.
Small store off Space Mountain.
Big Top Souvenirs in Fantasyland.


Disney Traders at the entrance to the World Showcase.
Camera Center, the store at the entrance to Spaceship Earth, the “Epcot ball”.
World Traveler at the International Gateway, which is located between England and France.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Legends of Hollywood at the beginning of Sunset Blvd.
Stage One which is close to the Muppet attraction.
The Darkroom on Hollywood Blvd at the entrance to the park.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasures located in Dinoland U.S.A.
Disney Outfitters located near the tree of life at the entrance to the park.
Creature Comforts which is also located on Discovery Island.

Disney Springs

Disney’s Pin Traders on Marketplace.
World of Disney

How to buy your MagicBand in advance

As I mentioned above, Disney offers the option to buy in advance and at a discount for guests of the complex. This is done by My Disney Experience, and the option to personalize the name is also offered there.

When purchasing, you will be able to choose a color for each person, as well as print their name or nickname on the back of the bracelet.


How to customize your MagicBand. My Disney Experience photo in the customize MagicBands section, showing different colors and the place to put the name
With your hotel reservation number in hand, you log into My Disney Experience, link with your account, and then purchase and customize the MagicBand for everyone in your group that you like.

Once you enter the “MagicBands and Cards” page, the site will ask you to enter the MagicBands delivery address. Since deliveries are only available to addresses within the US, you can enter your address in Brazil as usual, so the wristbands will be waiting for you at the hotel reception. Just don’t put the hotel address, as your bracelets might get lost there.

There is also the option of paying a little more for a more elaborate MagicBand, with designs and characters.


Purchases and customizations must be made up to 6 days before the trip for Disney to be able to guarantee the desired model.

In addition, Disney guests and non-guests can also decorate their bracelet with dozens of accessories that are sold in stores at parks and hotels.

Some Disney stores also allow you to purchase fully customized MagicBands even if you are not a resort guest

What if I don’t want to buy MagicBand?

For those who do not want to spend money on the bracelet, Disney always makes available, at no cost, the magnetic cards that also have the functions of the bracelet.

Like the MagicBand, the card can be used as a ticket, Fastpass+ and Memory Maker, as it also has an RFID chip.

For Disney guests, you can open the bedroom door with your cell phone through the My Disney Experience app. They also provide swipe cards to open the bedroom door and use as a shopping card inside the complex, as it used to be with Keys To The World.

Loss or theft of MagicBand

Another advantage of this RFID system is that if you lose your MagicBand or card, all you have to do is enter the Disney website and block them. This prevents people from using your ticket or entering your room.

Also, Disney will soon replace you with one free of charge. It’s the ease of linking tickets, reservations and Fastpass+ to a smart device.

I already have a MagicBand from a past trip, can I reuse it?

Maybe yes! Just check your My Disney Experience in the “MagicBands & Cards” section if it’s still listed there as active. If so, it can normally be used by yourself years after your previous trip.

Then just link the new tickets to your My Disney Experience account where the MagicBand is linked. This way they will automatically be on the bracelet, without having to do anything else 🙂


A lot of people are concerned about battery life, and this is information that is not officially released by Disney. Our experience (and that of many of our readers) is to be able to use MagicBands from 4, 5 years ago without any problems.

My friend has a MagicBand. Can I borrow it?

Unfortunately, there is no way. A MagicBand that has already been linked to a My Disney Experience account will forever be linked to its owner.

This is done through the fingerprint used to validate entry into the parks. Disney does not allow you to change the MagicBand account, so no one will be able to use the bracelet other than the original owner.

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