The Ultimate Guide to the Best Rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

The best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando provide you memorable experiences. Although it is different from the rest, this park has attractions that make it worth it. See below what to do and some tips to get the most out of it.

Disney’s Epcot Orlando overview

The iconic dome-shaped Spaceship Earth sets the tone of this park. However, Walt Disney dreamed about a modern planned community and designed Epcot himself. In fact, this name is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

After his death, the company decided to set the project aside. But the idea of building a park instead started to flourish. Then, to honor the founder’s vision, Epcot opened under his project’s name. The concept of advanced technologies and valuing culture remained though. 

Epcot has two main areas, likewise the lands at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Yet, one looks more like a regular Disney park, where you’ll see characters more often. And the other is a collection of world’s culture themed pavilions. The two of them are:

  • Future World;
  • Showcase World.

Redesign may affect the attractions

A huge redesign is in progress at the park right now. So the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando list may change drastically in the future. Even though attractions change all the time at WDW, there’s something unique about this moment.

They seem to be struggling against the setbacks imposed by the Coronavirus pandemics. In addition, a longtime issue has been showing its worst face. The lack of identity over the years started to reflect in the dropping number of visitors.

The best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando and an identity crisis

The innovation theme has faced many problems since Epcot’s opening. As the world changes faster each day, the park gets outdated at the same speed. Other than that, non-character-themed attractions don’t have a huge appeal under the guest’s eyes.

With time, international events started to take place. In order to fill up the low seasons, the gastronomy came into account as well. Then, further than the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando, you’ll find excellent dining options.

Despite all the identity problems, it is still worth it. After all, this is part of Walt Disney World, synonymous with high quality. Therefore, the experiences you’ll have here are unmatched.

In the near future, attractions with Ratatouille and Guardians of the Galaxy themes may be a game changer. Until then, do not miss the current format of the park because it could be your last chance to do so.

Future World and the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

This land is the most “disney-ish” Epcot’s portion. As soon as you get to the entrance, it is impossible to miss Starship Earth. Even though it isn’t the biggest section, it has two non-official subdivisions. 

Each one is at one side of the World Showcase Lagoon. Then it splits in east and west portions. Find out more about them below.


Some of the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando are in this area. The points of interest, beyond the park’s biggest icon are:

  • Mission: SPACE;
  • EPCOT experience;
  • Test Track.


You would be surprised with how entertaining this section is. For instance, the guests get to see Nemo and his friends in one of the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando. You’ll also find the following attractions at the Future World west:

  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends;
  • Imagination!;
  • Living With The Land.

Showcase world

In this section the visitors will find pavilions representing different countries. So, those who love meeting other cultures will be fascinated. There are 11 of them with tourist highlights replicas. In addition, there are also great dining and shopping options.

Each pavilion has its own atmosphere so you can feel you’re actually traveling around the world. The countries you’ll see are:

  • France;
  • Germany;
  • Italy;
  • Norway;
  • United Kingdom;
  • China;
  • Japan;
  • Morocco;
  • United States;
  • Canada;
  • Mexico.

The best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

Epcot’s main feature is the non-characters attraction. At least for now, before all the upcoming renewals. See the following best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando until this moment.

Soarin’ Around the World

It is a simulation ride inside The Land pavilion where the visitors have a virtual tour throughout the world. In addition, smells and movements make the experience more tangible.

Spaceship Earth

This dome-shaped attraction is not only beautiful but also one of the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando. As the 15 minutes of time travel goes by, you’ll see human’s advances in communication.

Test track

Drive as fast as you can in this simulator. After creating your own car, take it to the track for a test. There’s an array of options such as changing the weather and the track itself.

Mission: SPACE

Feel like an astronaut on a mission! This is one of the best rides at Disney’s Epcot. A simulation that takes out the g-force, making the guests feel like they are in outer space. It has two speeds: the original and a tame one for those more likely to get dizzy.

Frozen ever after

The only movie-themed rides on this list is a slow boat tour. Therefore, the riders join Anna, Elsa, and Olaf for this adventure.

Other attractions at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

EPCOT experience

It is a 12 minute 360 degrees experience. After entering a dark room, you’ll watch a short film that celebrates Epcot’s history. 

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

An entire pavilion of underwater adventures with 3 attractions: Sea Base, Turtle Talk with Crush and The Seas with Nemo & Friends itself.


The kids can learn about the 5 senses in a 6 minutes ride. Even though it isn’t one of the best rides at Disney’s Epcot, it might be one of the most kid-friendly.

Living With The Land

A boat-ride inside The Land pavilion pays tribute to the forces of nature. Also, the visitors learn about agriculture and farming methods in a visual and fun way.

Festivals at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

Other than the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando, international festivals bring people from all over. There are four of them, see more about each one below.


It is a performing, visual arts, and culinary festival. Similarly to the Food & Wine Festival, there are marketplaces scattered around Food Studios. Furthermore, the Disney on Broadway Concert Series takes place, being one of the best attractions.

Epcot International Festival of the Arts usually happens in the year’s first weeks. That is to say, between January and February.


Springtime gets prettier with the International Flower & Garden Festival. The exhibits of living sculptures are outstanding. On the other hand, the amount of different flowers are just stunning.

Food & Wine

This festival celebrates global gastronomy with several marketplaces. In addition, music concerts set the soundtrack of the whole experience. So it’s a good opportunity to taste different food and beverages from the 6 continents.

In 2021 the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival happens from July to November. Therefore, it’s the event’s 26th year.


Performances of the choral Voices of Liberty and holiday kitchens celebrates the season.  Also, Cookie Stroll offers a lot of options on sweet treats. It lasts from late November until the end of the year, but before New Year’s Eve.

The fireworks shows at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

After a whole day enjoying the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando, nothing better than watching fireworks shows. Currently, Epcot Forever is the nighttime spectacular, but soon it’ll be replaced by HarmonioUS.

Epcot Forever

Special effects, lasers, music and more are part of this celebration show. It pays tribute to the park’s 37 years. Despite the cutting of some features, it is still on until later September.


The upcoming nighttime spectacular will be one of the largest shows ever built for Disney’s parks. Besides, artists from the whole world will perform, blending in the cultural aspect.

Disney’s Epcot Orlando overhaul

After three years and pandemics, Epcot’s remodeling is coming to an end. Instead of two, there’ll be four worlds:

  • Celebration;
  • Discovery;
  • Showcase;
  • Nature.

In order to attract more guests, the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando will change. Even though some details remain unclear, major rides are programmed to open soon. The following attractions are bigger promises.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

WDW’s 50th anniversary certainly will have a huge array of celebration events. It includes the opening of the brand new Ratatouille-themed attraction. Also, it’ll be part of an expansion of France’s pavilion. A restaurant named La Crêperie de Paris will open on the same day too. 

The rumors say that Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure will be a trackless ride. As many other attractions it may be an immersive 3D experience to all ages.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Marvel’s most affictioned fans can not wait for this opening. Because it’s going to be a roller coaster, thrill-seekers over there might experience some anticipation either. After all the time waiting, the big day will be in 2022.

Dining options Disney’s Epcot Orlando

This park has literally dining options from the entire world. Then, in a break from enjoying the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando, you might want to head to one of the restaurants. Here’s a selection with the finest places to have a delightful meal.

La Hacienda de San Angel

Taste your favorite Mexican dishes. The classical menu includes guacamole and quesadillas. In addition, it has an outstanding view over the World Showcase Lagoon.

Akershus Royal Banquet Hall

It looks like a medieval castle and the visitors may find the princesses. As it is located at the Norway pavilion, the menu includes traditional dishes from this country.

Restaurant Marrakesh

A place to enjoy some North Mediterranean food. Not to mention the beautiful architecture and ambience. Often, the guests may watch belly dance shows as well.

Nine Dragons

Located at China pavilion, Nine Dragon restaurant might be a least intimidating option. The menu includes Americanized versions of Chinese dishes. So, for those looking for more authenticity, maybe this is not the best choice.

Le Cellier

This signature restaurant is a canadian steakhouse with a luxurious ambience. However, it doesn’t really have a dress code. Then you can enjoy a meal in the middle of your tour, if you want. 

How many time to spend on the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

As the situation remains uncertain in many ways, it’s hard to tell about the future of Epcot. The new attractions may be dragging a lot of people to the park. But for now, opposed to what many may think you still can set aside a whole day for Epcot.

The experiences and overall attractions can deliver a lot of fun. Though if you have toddlers in your party and/or fewer time travel, maybe you’ll want to skip that park. It’s not like you won’t be missing something, but other parks may offer a better experience for the youngest ones.

On the other hand, if you have over a 4 days trip, Epcot is not to miss. For a complete Disney experience you should definitely visit it for at least a whole day.

Tips on the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando

As the other parks, the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando have their own things to be aware of. So, to have an amazing experience, see the following tips.

Use the International Gateway

The alternative entrance is a better choice on the most crowded days. As a result, you’ll get first to Showcase World’s attractions if you arrive early.

Prepare for a lot of walking

Epcot is the largest park of the four then you’ll have to walk a lot. Above all, choose comfortable shoes and a backpack, rather than a bag or something like that.

Check the weather forecast

Be prepared for the changing Florida weather. Especially in summer, but also in winter when temperatures can get surprisingly low.

Watch out your drinking levels

All the options on alcoholic drinks may be a little overwhelming. However, to get the most out of the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando, such as Mission: SPACE, it’s a good idea to pace yourself.

Have the Epcot’s map

It is always useful to have a map, but in this case it is crucial. Since the park is so big, you’ll need some help on not walking too much.

Visit Disney’s Epcot Orlando

It feels like an entire era is coming to its end. With the new upcoming attractions, the park will drastically change. So, it is a good time to enjoy the best rides at Disney’s Epcot Orlando. And say goodbye to them as you know in the present.

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