Epcot’s Drinking Around the World – Drinks from Every Country

Children, leave the room (or the computer actually). Today’s post is for those over 21, that is, those who have reached the age of majority in the United States. Disney is full of activities for the whole family and that everyone already knows, right? Today I want to talk about a classic and specific activity for adults who visit Epcot, the very traditional Drinking Around The World.

The idea here is to take advantage of the chance to really experience typical drinks (and food) from different countries in a single day, something that Epcot allows like few places in the world.

And before continuing, make things clear: for those who think that this is something for a drunk, they are very wrong. At no time is this the proposal of Drinking Around the World or any activity in a theme park.

Drinking Around The World Epcot-2
Drinking Around The World Epcot-2

The idea is a fun cultural experience in moderation, made by different people every day in this park. Anything beyond that, is simply not understanding the proposal of this challenge, which, incidentally, is nothing official Disney, right?

It was created by visitors and has been very successful for many years.

On Disney’s website for example, you won’t find anything about it.

What is Drinking Around The World?

For those who don’t know, the World Showcase at Epcot has 11 pavilions, each one representing a country: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada.

Each pavilion brings a little bit of the culture of each country, sometimes some shows, attractions as well as typical food and drinks.

Drinking Around the World is the challenge of trying a drink from each country while visiting the World Showcase.

As I already said, the idea is not to turn them all over, go out through the park falling because there is nothing less Disney than that, obviously.

The idea is for an entire afternoon and early evening to enjoy 11 completely different drinks and still be fine for fireworks time.

Over the years, this has become a tradition among groups of adults who visit parks without children and can be a very fun schedule. I’ve done the Drinking Around the World with Nath a few times already. That experience really showed me that if you go without any planning, you will not make it!

It’s overwhelming, there’s so much stuff to try or to do and Soooo much alcohol, that you’ll probably won’t make it if you don’t plan it right.

Tips for Enjoying Drinking Around The World

Although it seems like a relatively simple and self-explanatory thing, I learned some important tips for those who want to complete the Drinking Around The World challenge.

Start Early

Trying to do Drinking Around the World from 6pm to 9pm is crazy even if you are tolerant of alcoholic beverages (believe me: been there, done that). The idea here is not to cross this challenge off the list. Doing everything in a hurry is no fun, you don’t enjoy it so much. The cool thing is to take it easy, enjoying the pavilions, getting a little in the mood of each country while you try each drink.

Drinking Around The World Epcot-China
Drinking Around The World Epcot-China

Ideally, you should make this a part of your walk through the park. I like going to the World Showcase around 12pm, after doing everything from Future World. I think this is a good time to start the pavilions calmly and include Drinking Around the World in the middle of the tour. It gives you about 9 hours to enjoy this area of ​​the park calmly, enjoy the pavilions and complete the challenge.

Do it with a buddy

I’ve never done Drinking Aorund the World alone but the fun is always sharing the challenge with your friends. That’s how you’ll create memories of that moment, with group play and teasing. I’m always very supportive of those who go to the parks alone and I’ve been a zillion times myself, but this is one of the few activities I really only recommend doing when you have company.

Eat around the World

This is a cultural experience and would not be complete without the accompaniment of a meal. Foods actually have a double role: to be part of the tasting experience in different cultures and keep you well until the end of the tour and the challenge, so don’t underestimate the importance of eating.

Besides, it’s a delight to try the foods of the countries. For those who are not old enough to drink, here is the tip to go around the world only in snacks at the World Showcase.

Enjoy and do it right

Since you’re doing Drinking Around the World, it’s best to try something really classic from each country, so choose each drink wisely and don’t limit yourself to safe options.

Every pavilion will have simpler drinks and more different ones.

Ask the pavilion for what is most classic and go after this option.

Nath chose so well that there was an hour at the China pavilion when he was asking for drinks that weren’t even sold there. The Chinese staff were all impressed (and I just smiled politely because I have no idea what he was asking).

In Mexico, for example, you can grab a Frozen Margarita at that kiosk outside or go into the pavilion and order a much more elaborate version at La Cava Del Tequila.

By the way, for those who don’t like tequila, here’s the Frozen Margarita de Manga tip. The taste of tequila has completely disappeared, a danger! LOL

In Italy you can order a quick drink in that wine shop or enter the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar, a delicious wine bar and order a tasting menu or even a typical beer along with several delicious appetizers. If there’s space, canoli is perfect and a little sugar is always welcome, right?!

I, for example, tried to make Drinking Beer Around the World and just stick with the beers, but Nath ended up spoiling it in Norway when she got another drink, but that’s ok hehehe.

Finally, choose each one of the drinks and food with care to get the best out of this experience.

Do not try to complete the challenge during the Food & Wine

I am relatively tolerant of drinking. That said, I think it’s crazy to try to boast the Food & Wine kiosks as part of Drinking Around The World. Even if the portions and glasses are small, I think it’s a little over the top, you know? You’ll need to devote a lot of your time (and your liver) to the challenge and you’ll end up enjoying the park very little.

Drinking Around The World Epcot German
Drinking Around The World Epcot German

Unless you’re willing to split Drinking Around the World over two days, don’t try to cross all the Food & Wine kiosks off your list. I can’t even manage to try a little food from each kiosk in one day (and the portions are also small), let alone a drink from each country. What’s more, mixing 11 different drinks is a hell of a lot. Don’t test your limits.

Understand (and respect) Drinking Around the World

Nothing more dowdy and immature than drunk people at Disney. It’s so dowdy that it’s not uncommon for them to be taken out of the park.

Let’s face it this way: It’s impossible to step into any park and not spot a kid, and if that’s not enough to make it clear that getting drunk is inappropriate behavior, I really don’t know what will be.

The idea of ​​Drinking Around the World is not to lose track and at least 90% of people who meet this challenge understand this well. The challenge is aimed at those who enjoy drinks.

Those who want to lose the line find several bars and clubs around the city where you can do this, even spending much less.

Start at the Canada Pavillion

When you go to the gym, you don’t start pulling a lot of weight right away, right? Start by stretching and everything. Starting Drinking Around the World with a tequila from Mexico is like arriving at the gym, signing up and already wanting to arrive pulling a lot of weight. The shock is very sudden.

You can start World Showcase from one of two extremes: Canada or Mexico. If you want to do Drinking Around The World, it’s best to go little by little and start in Canada. Go for me, so when you get to Mexico, you’ll be much better prepared (your liver will already be “warmed up” or something like that).

Be Safe

As obvious as it is, it never hurts to remember: if you plan on doing Drinking Around the World, don’t go to the car park. And if by chance, leave your car there and pick it up the next day. Keep in mind the number of children in cars throughout the Disney area and take responsibility for your choices. There’s no shortage of alternatives to get around Orlando without cars, so no excuses, huh?


Drinking Around the World is a very fun and enjoyable way to walk around the World Showcase pavilions if you have understood well the proposal of this challenge.

Being able to try different drinks (and foods) from different countries while taking this tour is a different way to taste each culture and discover something new from each country.

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