Dollar Tree: The Store where everything costs a dollar

In times of high dollar, everyone is looking for ways to save on the trip to Orlando and usually the shopping part ends up being one of the main points where the budget is tighter for everyone. Today I’m going to talk about a very interesting store for those who are looking for ways to save in Orlando, while still shopping: Dollar Tree.

I’ve already spoiled the surprise in the title of the post, but Dollar Tree differs from other stores because EVERYTHING inside costs a dollar.

This chain is present in the entire United States and also in Canada and in none of its stores you find price tags on shelves and aisles, as all items always cost the same thing: 1 dollar.

I was quite surprised about this model the first time I went there, but it’s great to know that you will never be surprised when shopping.

In fact, even calculating how much your account will be is much easier at this store: just count how many products you’ve bought! lol Another good point: if you have kids, you won’t need to get butterflies in your stomach every time you hear an “I want to!!” of children, because you already know the price of everything inside the store.

If you think that this “everything for a dollar” proposition somehow limits the product offering there, you’ll be surprised.

Dollar Tree is a very varied store.


Each store can carry a different assortment of products, but in general you will find household cleaning items, party items, stationery, cosmetics, food, decoration, among many others.

All always for a dollar! I say it a thousand times because I find it very impressive! LOL

Of course, here I’m going to ask you to have the good sense to judge the quality of everything you’re buying there. It’s very easy to get carried away by impulse at a store like Dollar Tree and buy things that don’t make any sense.

So my advice is to be careful and evaluate if the items you’ve placed in your cart don’t fit into one of the categories below:

Items NOT to buy from Dollar Tree

  • A bunch of crap you’ll never use in your life and will only take up space in your suitcase. And you will still justify the purchase thinking “ahhhh but it only cost a dollar!”. Dollar for dollar you will spend more than you would on other things that could be a lot more useful. Beware of this impulse for the cheap not to be expensive.
  • Items of questionable quality. Guys, there is no miracle to close this account. For a product to be sold for only 1 dollar, the raw material used in its production must not have been the best quality in this world. I have a rule that I never buy cosmetics or food at Dollar Tree unless I know the brand and think the low price is justifiable. For example, large Nestle water bottles for a dollar I think is fair and I trust the brand. It’s the kind of thing that can even get into my cart. Mayonnaise for 1 dollar from an unknown brand is the face of error, right?
  • Items that cost $1 or less at other stores. Remember the impulse we talked about earlier? It can make you think a dollar is ALWAYS cheap, but sometimes it isn’t. An example: when I worked at Disney, I ate a lot of ready-to-eat frozen dishes, Michelinas and Banquet brands, which are very cheap. I would pay anything between US$0.70 to US$1 on the plate depending on what I wanted to eat. At Dollar Tree all the frozen ones cost US$1.00, which for me is not worth it. Is it the same price or more expensive than Walmart.

I say this not to be boring, but to get your expectations right about this store. It’s pretty cool and can be a source of a lot of savings, but I don’t think you’re going to solve all your shopping there.

You have to know how to use Dollar Tree well where it really is a good business and leave it to buy what you lack elsewhere.

I think that the savings that Dollar Tree brings to the tourist comes very little from the items you already put on your shopping list that you intend to make in the US while you are planning your trip from home.

At Dollar Tree you save on smaller purchases that you normally didn’t plan on but will end up spending when you arrive in Orlando.

Often these are items that you won’t even take back home. Below I give some examples of this type. Also, I think that those who go with an open heart and mind, can find some nice things for home, decoration or stationery in this store.


Just visiting so you can see what you think is interesting to buy at Dollar Tree, but now that I’ve told you what I think is holey and you have to be careful in this store, I’m going to talk about what I think is really an interesting idea for useful shopping .

Items to buy at Dollar Tree

Bright toys for the parks:

You know those necklaces and bracelets that sparkle?

Those with children in the family know that they always want to buy these items the second the first Disney employee passes by wearing all the sparkles at the same time as he sells them around the park. It turns out that all of this is HYPER expensive at the park and much cheaper at Dollar Tree.

There you can even find some different models, in the shape of a magic wand, among other things.

Buying these shiny toys and ornaments at Dollar Tree and taking them to the park turns out to be a huge savings.

Of course, the shine won’t last forever, but that doesn’t happen with items sold by Disney either, so it’s all the same – you just spend a lot less money.

Children’s beach and pool toys:

Do you think about the space that buckets, buoys, balls, spades and other water toys occupy in your suitcase? Impractical right?

At Dollar Tree you usually find these toys for beaches and water parks for a much cheaper price than leaving them to shop at the park. Then, if you don’t want more, you can donate them for the US without pity.

Things I need but know I’ll spend/lose on the trip:

It may be my problem, but all I know is that I always lose ALL my hair bands during the trip.

If you are traveling with a child or more women, then it is such a thing to ask for a hair band that never ends. And by the end of the trip all your rubber bands will have fled to a parallel universe and we know you’ll never find them again.

That’s why I like to have a very large stock of hair elastics and they don’t have to be the wonderful and expensive ones because they’re going to get lost soon.

At Dollar Tree I buy a package with a bunch of rubber bands for a very reasonable price, so I don’t even suffer when they leave.

Almost the same rule applies to socks. I wear socks a lot in parks and they almost come apart after a while.

So I like to have good socks (for life) and bad socks (to let it end in parks). At Dollar Tree and Walmart I mostly find second-rate socks.

Gift packaging:

I always forget to think about gift wrapping and when we go back home for the gifts we buy. If you wait to buy the wrapping back home it could sometimes be more expensive than the souvenirs you brought!

Both at Walmart and Dollar Tree you can find a nice variety of packaging at much better prices, so don’t forget this detail if you’re buying a gift for someone.

Always a good surprise

As I mentioned above, if you are willing to go with an open heart to explore the Dollar Tree, you can always find another item that surprises you and is worth it.


These kitchen things, for example, I love! Look at the placemat down there, how beautiful! There’s always something new that you can assess which category you fall into: the things that are worthwhile or not.

Conclusion on Dollar Tree

This store has a very cool proposal and is definitely worth the visit of those who have time for it and are looking for savings. It’s super important to stay tuned and not get carried away by the impulse, always asking yourself: is this really worth it?

But there is a lot that is worth it, and a lot!

As I said, I think I save a lot more in this store by avoiding higher expenses that I would have on the trip than actually buying the products that we normally put on the shopping list.

But one way or another, the economy I make here allows me to spend more at the malls later, so one thing makes up for the other.

If you’re in tight time on the trip, you can get a nice price for most Dollar Tree items at Walmart itself and settle for other shopping there too.

But if you are on a more relaxed trip, I highly recommend visiting the Dollar Tree too!

If you’re interested, know that there are more than 10 stores in Orlando (their website shows the location of the units here) and opening hours may vary from store to store, but they usually open between 8 and 10 am and close around 10pm. That is, practically all day running.

And if you already know Dollar Tree and like this store, let us know what products you think you like most to buy there! We will love to know! 🙂

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