Disney’s Food & Wine Festival 2022

Today we are going to talk a bit about another special event that Disney holds, and one of my personal favorites, the Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival 2022. Have you ever heard of it?

Well, everyone knows or expects Disney to hold a Christmas and Halloween celebration, but few people know about the other special events that take place in the complex.

Disney’s Food & Wine Festival is a super traditional and popular Disney event that is now in its 25th edition, and takes place at Epcot annually from August to November.

In 2020 it had a smaller and adapted version due to the pandemic and not all traditional festival features available.

The 2021 took place from July 15th to November 20th, a longer edition of the event than the usual, but still with some adaptations and suspensions.


In its full edition, the festival always counts on the participation of two chefs, among them some celebrities such as the dear Buddy Valastro, from the Cake Boss TV show, who is already a brand name there almost every year.

In addition, lots of food from around the world and lots of music mark the days of the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot! Let`s check everything here!

What is the Disney Food and Wine Festival like?

During this festival, kiosks from different countries, regions and cultures are set up throughout the World Showcase.

Since the twentieth edition, the festival has also been expanded to the Future World area, with some additional kiosks with interesting themes such as cheese, wine and gastronomy techniques.

Each kiosk has a small menu of typical foods and drinks that you can buy and enjoy. Everything is served in small portions as the idea is that you can try some different options along the walk through the park.

It is worth noting that there are kiosks in several countries that do not have a pavilion at Epcot, such as Belgium, Brazil, Australia, Hawaii, among others.


At the kiosk in Brazil, the options are usually: frozen Caipirinha, moqueca, pork belly and cheese bread.

As Disney specializes in partying, it’s clear that the entire Epcot is themed for the event.

And since Disney’s other specialty is selling, you’ll find several little stores with special products for the Food & Wine Festival 2022, including a book with some of the event’s most popular recipes.

I really love this Epcot event and I have a lot of fun at there. Do you know what the best part of all this is?Disney’s Food & Wine Festival takes place during normal park opening hours, meaning you don’t have to buy a separate ticket to attend the event like the Halloween and Christmas party.

You simply enjoy the kiosks and whatever you like from the festival during your tour of Epcot.

Pretty Cool (and cheap) right?

I think the “soul” of Disney’s Food & Wine Festival is in the kiosks around the park, but if you’re really passionate about food, there are some extra activities you can participate in, some free and some paid separately.

If you are interested in any paid activity, it is important to know that the prices indicated do not include park entrance, which is also mandatory to participate in any program at this event, unless otherwise indicated.

If you really want to participate in a paid activity, the recommendation is to make your reservation by phone with Disney as soon as possible to secure your place in it!

Disney’s Food & Wine 2022 Special Events


For the 2021 edition, the traditional “Eat to the Beat” shows did not happen, but other smaller shows did so we can expect the same for 2022 (maybe even more):

  • America Gardens Bandstand: From Friday to Monday, concerts by local Florida bands take place at the theater in front of the US pavilion, the America Gardens Theatre. The names and dates of each are on this link.
  • Mariachi Cobre: ​​daily performance of traditional mariachi folk music, also at the America Gardens Theatre.
  • Voices of Liberty: daily a capella music performance at the America Gardens Theatre.
  • AMMin’ Chefs: A percussion group makes music with pots, pans and other kitchen instruments. It takes place daily and at different times in the Canadian pavilion.

In previous editions shows used to be of relatively famous bands or even bands that used to be famous (like the Hanson brothers), and even if it’s not your favorite band, it’s always nice to enjoy a lively show at Epcot.

For those who like to guarantee a seat at those shows, one option is to make a reservation for the Eat to the Beat Dining Package, where you have a meal at one of Epcot’s restaurants and gain guaranteed access to watch a show that day.

Only a few restaurants participate in the package and reservations are made through the Disney website.

Always good to advise: you don’t NEED these packages to enjoy the show.


This is just a convenience for those who want to ensure a good place to sit (and a good idea if the band is really famous).

I enjoy the show standing up just in passing, in most cases. I prefer to spend my money on other things (like food!!).

Emile’s Fromage Montage

New for the 2021 edition, it’s a challenge in which you enjoy dishes with cheese in selected festival stalls and collect stickers. Every 5 collected you exchange for a prize.

Beverage seminar

The festival features several seminars on wine, beer, tequila, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.

In 2019, the last edition that this took place, the price was US$19 per person and every tasting included in the seminar and, as happens every year, it was only for those who were 21 years old or more.

Seminar on food and beverage harmonization

Another successful event is a workshop on how to harmonize food and beverage flavors, in previous editions prices were around US$29 per person.

Cheese seminar

For cheese lovers, there are also seminars to learn more about flavors, textures and different combinations.

These tend to have higher prices and in previous editions came to US$95 per person.

Special seminars with chefs

This event always brings several chefs to different activities, including many seminars and demonstrations.

Here the subjects can be the most diverse, from specialists in an alcoholic beverage to another chef who speaks about children’s cooking.

Last time it was offered, the options were recipe statements and lessons, priced between $19 and $45 per person.

Meals with guest chefs

I have already listed above some of the events with renowned chefs from the complex and guest chefs, but one of the events that ended up gaining more visibility year after year was the “Sunday Brunch with the Chef“, a breakfast with the presence of a guest gastronomy personality , which defines what will be served on the day and explains the reasons for the selection.

In other years it was $139 per person and chefs like Jamie Dee and Buddy Valastro, the Cake Boss, were among the guests.


Special programming for pavilion restaurants

The World Showcase has several pavilions, each one representing a country.

Many of them have great restaurants and during the Food & Wine Festival, some pavilions prepare special “packages” of meals in their restaurants on specific days and times, and the ideal is to always book in advance

In previous years, restaurants such as La Hacienda de San Angel in the Mexico pavilion, Via Napoli in the Italy pavilion and Teppan Edo in Japan used to offer mixed food and beverage options for between US$69 and US$190 per person.

Formal Banquet

In previous editions, the festival’s most pompous option is without a doubt the Party for the Senses.

It’s a sophisticated banquet that takes place on select days, with exclusive menus prepared by famous chefs. In other years the values ​​were between $229 and $359 depending on the type chosen.

Attractions for children

For those traveling with children, the festival brings several special programs, from playgrounds throughout the park, to courses aimed at the little ones. Look that:

Remy’s Ratatouille Hide & Squeak: it’s nothing more than a treasure hunt in which children must look for Remy figurines (from the Ratatouille movie) that will be scattered around the park. It works like this: you can buy the map and stickers to fill in the blanks as you find the figurines.

Once you’ve found them all and glued all the stickers, just go back to one of the delivery points to win a prize.

If you want to save money, you can play very well without buying the kit and have fun simply looking for the figurines without the map! It’s pretty fun both ways.

In other editions of the festival, children’s programs such as playgrounds, cooking classes and festivals with music, games and dance with Disney characters used to happen too.

These are some of the many activities that take place during Disney’s Food & Wine Festival 2022 that we think it’s important to tell you about, even though some are suspended in this 2021 edition.

And as I said, for me the coolest thing is to enjoy the kiosks through Epcot itself, enjoying the flavors of different cultures.


Tips for enjoying the Food & Wine Festival 2022

Without too much fuss, I’ll cut to the chase with some tips that I find interesting for you to enjoy Food & Wine more:

  • Arrive and get the event map at once to have all the information and times of what is going on there.
  • Choose your bets well. Take a look at what’s available at the festival before you start eating. You will hardly be able to experience everything good, at least if you go to the event in one day, so take a look here at what interests you the most and be happy.
  • Avoid Epcot on weekends during this event. On these days, Orlando and surrounding residents also visit the park to take advantage of the kiosks. Result: much more crowded park!
  • To give your tasting a treat, get a passport for the event and have it stamped at each kiosk you pass.
  • If you get carried away with the kitchen theme and are eager to buy Disney products to cook in your home, pay close attention to what you’re buying. They have great products (the cookbooks are amazing) and some not so great. Generally things that have very important functionality are not cool. Example: I have a Mickey kitchen glove that heats up quickly, it only serves to decorate. For more kitchen shopping tips, click here.
  • Consider purchasing a special event Gift Card in a bracelet format. With it, you add credits (minimum is US$15) and use it to pay for food at the kiosks. It’s very practical and still serves as a souvenir 🙂
  • If you are under 21, you will only be able to enjoy the food because in the United States you are still a minor and cannot drink.
  • If you are over 21 and want to try the drinks during the festival, it is important to bring your passport to prove your adulthood. Another option for those who do not want to carry the document is to carry a passport photo on their cell phone and the original driver’s license/RG, to show them both. They don’t just accept a driver’s license, they have to have a photo or copy of the passport with them!
  • Think carefully about how you’ll transport yourself from the park to your hotel if you plan on enjoying a lot of drinks, and the good old cliché “if you drink don’t drive” holds true here. Safety is always important, right? Remember that we are talking not only about your safety but also about all the children who are in the other cars of the complex, on vacation, enjoying Disney.

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