Everything About Disney Dining Plan 2022

When we travel, we are more concerned with tours, meals and accommodation. These are the 3 biggest expenses of a trip, and traveling to Orlando is no different. To eliminate food expenses from their list of worries, Disney is offering guests the option of purchasing the Disney Dining Plan 2022, which works like a pre-plan that entitles you to a variety of foods throughout the day.

Understanding the Disney Dining Plan and deciding whether or not it’s a good deal for your trip isn’t easy, which is why I admit that I was eager to write about it.

What is the Disney Dining Plan?

Well, the Disney Dining Plan is a prepaid meal plan option, offered only to Disney guests for a fixed amount per day, and which entitles you to credits or points to be spent on different types of meals. Complicated much?

But don’t worry, you’ll understand everything here!

You must choose the Dining Plan at the same time you make your reservation at the Disney hotel and purchase park tickets – you can also include the Disney Dining Plan 2022 until the day before you check-in at the hotel, through the agency that you’ve booked the hotel, or through the Disney call center, but it depends on the conditions of your reservation, so it’s not always possible ok?


It’s also worth noting that you can only buy the Dining Plan for every day of your stay at the Disney hotel.

In other words, if you are going to stay for a week, you will have to take the meal plan for 7 days, from the first to the last day you will be staying at one of the hotels in the complex.

There are a few different plan options, ranging from the simplest and cheapest to the most complete.

Before getting into existing plans, I’m going to give you some important terms referring to dining at Disney.

These terms will be used a lot from now on and so you need to understand them very well!

  • Quick Service: fast-food style restaurant where you order at the counter, pay, and take your food.
  • Table Service: traditional-style restaurant, with a waiter, where you sit, order, eat and only then pay. Depending on the restaurant, it can be a la carte (which has a menu and you choose what you want), buffet (eat as you please, in the so-called “self-service”) or family style (all you can eat – you can eat as you please, but food comes to your table in portions and you can order more if you want).
  • Signature Restaurant: Table Service restaurants are more chic and expensive. They are different from other Table Services in the Disney Dining Plan: To go to a Signature restaurant, you spend two Table Service restaurant credits. You can hardly go without a reservation in advance.
  • Disney Mug: mug that Disney makes available to Dining Plan guests and that entitles them to free refills of several drinks at the property’s hotel beverage fountain. FYI: Disney Mug with free refill can also be purchased by guests outside the Disney Dining Plan, for a price that varies depending on the number of days you will use it. It is worth mentioning that its use is only allowed in Disney hotel fountains and not inside Disney parks (it’s worth for those who really enjoy drinking sodas and coffees a lot, like me!).

Did you understand the terms? Well, let’s go to the existing plans so far, which are:

*In case of change in any of the plans, we will keep this post updated

Quick Service Dining Plan

This plan costs $56.41* per day per adult and $26* per day per child entitles you to:

  • Two full-meal Quick Service restaurant credits per day, with a main course and choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages, or a full combo already offered by the restaurant.
  • Two snack credits per day.
  • A Disney refill mug for the trip.

Standard Dining Plan

This plan costs US$79.42* per day per adult and US$30.51* dollars per day per child and includes:

  • One Table Service meal credit per day: one main course, dessert and choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverage or full buffet.
  • One Quick Service meal credit per day, with main course and choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages or a full combo already offered by the restaurant.
  • Two snack credits per day.
  • A Disney refill mug for the trip.

Dining Plan Plus

This plan costs US$94.61* per day per adult and US$35* dollars per day per child and includes:

  • Two full meal credits (Table or Quick Service) per day, including a full buffet or main course, dessert, and a choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.
  • Two snack credits per day.
  • A Disney refill mug for the trip.

Deluxe Dining Plan

This plan costs $120.41* per day per adult and $47.50* per child per day and includes:

  • Three full meal credits (Table or Quick Service) per day, including a full buffet or a main course, dessert, and a choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages.
  • Two snack credits per day.
  • A Disney refill mug for the trip.
  • *Final values ​​including 6.5% Florida tax

How does the Disney Dining Plan 2022 work?

When booking your Disney hotel and purchasing your park tickets, you can choose from one of these plans for your family.

All people who book a hotel together need to have the same plan, with variation only if the plan will be for adults or for children (depending on age, of course).

You’ll earn the amount of credits from your plan for the entire trip.


For example, if I’m staying at Disney for 5 nights and I’ve taken the Standard Dining Plan, I’ll receive a total of 5 Quick Service meal credits, 5 Table Service meal credits, 10 Snack credits, and 1 Disney on my MagicBand Mug and everyone in my group will receive the same amount.

Therefore, it is up to each one to divide the credits per day as they see fit: you can choose to use the average of the credits per day (as suggested in the plans), or to burn them all at once.

For example, if I want to go to a Signature restaurant, I can use two of my Table Service credits in one night.

that’s actually a good flexibility of the plan, in the end who is in charge of the distribution of your credits per day is you!

To use the Dining Plan, you must notify the waiter or server that you are using the Disney Dining Plan 2022 at the beginning of your first interaction with them.

You will be attended to, you will receive your food and on your account you will always receive a note with the balance of credits in your plan.

That way it’s easy not to lose control of the points.

The same works for reservations.

Important Information about Disney’s Dining Plan 2022

  • Tips are not included in the Dining Plan 2022 and must be paid separately.
  • Children needs to be between 3 to 9 years old to be considered for the Children’s Dining Plan. From 10 years old forward the adult plan already applies.
  • Children will necessarily have to order from the children’s menu options.
  • No meal plan applies to children under 3 years old. If you are traveling with children under 3 years old, they can eat whatever they want from the adult dishes without paying anything, but if you want to order a dish for her, you pay outside the plan.
  • Points are valid until the end of your Disney hotel stay. It is not possible to save points to use on the next trip. Or, use the points after your last day at a Disney hotel, if you’re staying in Orlando. However, if you check out of the hotel at noon, you can use the credits until the end of that day.
  • It’s not possible to ask for different plans for people who will have the same hotel reservation. In other words, if you are going to share a room with 3 other people, they will all have to opt for the same meal plan. It is also not possible to take the Dining Plan for only part of your trip. Either take it for every day or it doesn’t take it at all.
  • Note that the Dining Plan usually covers 2 meals plus 2 snacks. I don’t know about you, but I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, specially when I’m going to one of the Disney Parks. As a rule, one of these meals is left out on most plans. This missed meal can be a good way to use credits that will be “stranded” on days when you are not inside Disney to consume them (such as Universal Day or Shopping Day).
  • Not all Disney restaurants are on the Dining Plan. Be cool that the vast majority do join one of Disney’s meal plans, but a few are left out. If you want to purchase a meal plan and you want to eat at a certain place, make sure to check the Disney website to see whether or not it is included in the Dining Plan. Just put the name of the restaurant in the search field, click on the result with its name and you’re done. In the right corner of the page there will be an item telling you whether or not he participates in the Dining Plan. By clicking on this icon you will see in detail which plans are accepted. Or you check our list at the end of this post!

Is the Disney Dining Plan 2022 worth it?

That’s where things get a little complicated.

The Dining Plan may or may not be worth it, it depends a lot on what you like to eat, what restaurants you want to go to, how many meals you’ll have per day, how many days you’ll be at the Disney parks, etc.


This decision you will have to make yourself as only you know your family’s food preferences in-depth.

To help you out as much as possible, here’s a list of some of the questions you should ask yourself when deciding on the Disney Dining Plan 2022.

ow many days do you plan to spend inside the Disney parks or hanging out at the hotel?

Thinking about this can be important because days at parks outside of Disney (such as Universal, Sea World, Bush Gardens, etc.) are days when you won’t be eating most of your meals in Disney territory, meaning you’ll have to buy food and drink outside of the selected meal plan. As well as being overpaying, you need to ensure you don’t get stuck with credits at the end of your trip. More than that, ensure you’ll want to use them, because I don’t know what’s worse: knowing that you paid and didn’t use the credits or using them without the slightest desire just to not “let it go cheap”. I think in both cases we lose out, right?

Is Disney offering the Dining Plan as part of any promotions? Are there any other promotions available?

Disney from time to time offers the Free Dining Plan to anyone staying at one of its hotels. If that’s the case, the plan will most likely be worth it, but be aware: often when Disney offers the Dining Plan to guests for free, it gives you two promotion options and you choose: or the free meal plan ( and the type of plan varies depending on the category of hotel you have chosen) or X% discount on your stay. Do the math well to see which of the two options is more worthwhile.

How many meals do you eat a day and what style? What kind of restaurants do you want to visit there?

People often book the Dining Plan and then find themselves stymied by their chosen plan’s options. It’s much better for you to plan what you want to eat there and see if there’s a meal plan that fits well into your schedule, than it is to close a plan and then have to adapt.

If you follow the tips above and already have an idea of ​​what you want to eat there, make sure to take a look at the prices on the Disney website to assess whether or not it’s worth closing a meal plan.

The meal combinations are diverse. There are several dishes that are cheaper within the Dining Plan and others that you pay less if you pay separately.

The Disney Dining Plan 2022 follows an average of park values, but you will never fall exactly on the average: you will always pay a little more or a little less.

To give you an example, suppose you purchased a Quick Service plan and let’s consider two scenarios.

Scenario A

With my plan, I went to lunch at Epcot’s China Pavilion and ate a little chicken breaded with orange sauce and rice (10.95) and a soda (3.99).

For dinner, I went to the Sunshine Seasons and had a turkey sandwich (10.99), another soda (3.99).


As a snack I also had a cookie at Sunshine Seasons before going to Soarin, for 3.29, and a Frozen Lemonade (5.99).

I paid $55 dollars and actually consumed the equivalent of $42 (with tax) on my meals, meaning I lost.

Scenario B

I went to lunch at the Mexican pavilion and ordered Tacos (13.75) with a margarita (15.00).

At dinner, I went to the Sunshine Seasons and ate pork loin with mashed potatoes (13.99) with soda (3.99).

As a snack, I went to the cafeteria in France and ate a cheese board (9.75) and a chocolate mousse (6.25).

At the end of the day I paid 55 dollars and in fact consumed 66.80 in my meals, which means that I managed to gain an advantage mainly because of the alcoholic beverage.

Got it? It really depends, and if you want to gain something out of the Dining Plan you’ll have to study what is worth eating and what is not.


As you can see, it’s not a simple decision and it’s pretty hard to predict whether you’re going to win or lose with the Disney Dining Plan 2022.

With the example above you can see that, depending on what you order among the options on the menu of the same restaurant, the final balance can already be very different. If we start playing with the possibilities between different restaurants, the possibilities are almost endless.

I particularly think it’s bad for you to obsess about the price of food to see if it’s worth it or not, because in this situation you run the risk of ordering food that you’re not even so keen on or forcing yourself to drink an alcoholic drink just to make sure you don’t lose out.

Unless you already had the opportunity to go several times to the parks and want to try different things.

It is for these and others that I particularly end up preferring to pay out of pocket, as well as what I want when I want and I know very well how much each item cost me.


I emphasize here that this is my personal opinion and for many people (who already have a defined gastronomic itinerary or who want to pay for the convenience of the Disney Dining Plan or for the security of not having surprises on their account) the meal plan is very worthwhile!

I hope the tips above will help you decide whether or not this is your case.

Which restaurants are included in the Disney Dining Plan 2022?

The Disney Dining Plan 2022 can be used in the following locations, in different types of plan

Quick Service Dining Plan Restaurants

All Star ResortsMovies – World Premiere (praça de alimentação)
All Star ResortsMusic – Intermission (praça de alimentação)
All Star ResortsSports – End Zone (praça de alimentação)
Animal KingdomRestaurantosaurus
Animal KingdomFlame Tree Barbecue
Animal KingdomPizzafari
Animal KingdomBeastly Kiosk
Animal KingdomTamu Tamu Refreshments
Animal KingdomMr. Kamal’s
Animal KingdomYak & Yeti Local Food Cafes
Animal KingdomCreature Comforts (Starbucks)
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasThe Mara
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasUzima Springs Pool Bar (bar da piscina)
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasMaji (bar da piscina)
Beach Club ResortHurricane Hanna’s Grill
Beach Club ResortBeach Club Marketplace
Blizzard BeachAvalunch
Blizzard BeachCooling Hut
Blizzard BeachLottawatta Lodge
Blizzard BeachThe Warming Hut
BoardWalk Inn& VillasBoardWalk Bakery
BoardWalk Inn& VillasBelle Vue Lounge
BoardWalk Inn& VillasLeaping Horse Libations
Caribbean Beach ResortCentertown Market
Contemporary ResortContempo Cafe
Contemporary ResortSand Bar
Contemporary ResortCove Bar
Coronado Springs ResortCafe Rix
Coronado Springs ResortLaguna (bar da piscina)
Coronado Springs ResortPepper Market
Coronado Springs ResortSiestas Cantina
Disney’s Art of Animation ResortLandscapes of Flavor
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosABC Commissary
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosBacklot Express
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosCatalina Eddie’s
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosFairfax Fare
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosRosie’s All-American Cafe
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosPizzeRizzo
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosStarring Rolls Cafe
Disney’s Hollywood Studios Woody’s Lunch Box
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosSunshine Day Cafe
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosDockside Diner
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosTrolley Car Cafe (Starbucks)
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosDocking Bay 7 Food and Cargo
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosRonto Roasters
Disney SpringsThe Polite Pig
Disney SpringsEarl of Sandwich
Disney SpringsMarketplace Snacks
Disney SpringsThe Smokehouse
Disney SpringsStarbucks West Side
Disney SpringsFood Trucks
Disney SpringsWolfgang Puck Express Marketplace
Disney SpringsAristoCrepes
Disney SpringsB.B. Wolf’s Sausage Co.
Disney SpringsBlaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza
Disney SpringsThe Daily Poutine
Disney SpringsD-Luxe Burger
Disney SpringsMorimoto Asia Street Food
Disney SpringsChicken Guy!
Disney SpringsCooke’s of Dublin
EpcotLa Cantina de San Angel
EpcotKringla Bakeri Og Kafe
EpcotElectric Umbrella Restaurant
EpcotSunshine Seasons
EpcotYorkshire Co. Fish Shop
EpcotRefreshment Cool Post
EpcotRefreshment Port
EpcotTangierine Cafe
EpcotLotus Blossom Cafe
EpcotKatsura Grill
EpcotFife and Drum
EpcotPromenade Refreshments
EpcotLes Halles Boulangerie Patisserie
ESPN Wide World of SportsESPN Wide World of Sports Grill
Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundMeadow Snack Bar
Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundTrails End To Go Counter
Grand Floridian Resort & SpaGasparilla Island Grill
Grand Floridian Resort & SpaBeaches Pool Bar & Grill (bar da piscina)
Magic KingdomCasey’s Corner
Magic KingdomColumbia Harbour House
Magic KingdomCosmic Ray’s StarlightCafe
Magic KingdomBe Our Guest (café da manhã e almoço)
Magic KingdomTortuga Tavern
Magic KingdomFriar’s Nook
Magic KingdomGolden Oak Outpost
Magic KingdomThe Lunching Pad
Magic KingdomMain Street Bakery – Starbucks
Magic KingdomPecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe
Magic KingdomPinocchio Village Haus
Magic KingdomTomorrowland Terrace
Magic KingdomCosmic Ray’s StarlightCafe
Old Key West ResortGoods Food to Go
Old Key West ResortTurtle Shack
Polynesian ResortCaptain Cook’s
Pop Century ResortEverything Pop Shopping and Dining
Port Orleans ResortRiverside – Riverside Mill
Port Orleans ResortFrench Quarter – Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory
Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaArtist’s Palette
Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaBackstretch (bar da piscina)
Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaOn the Rocks
Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaPaddock Grill
Typhoon LagoonLeaning Palms
Typhoon LagoonLowtide Lou’s
Typhoon LagoonSnack Shack
Typhoon LagoonSurf Doggies
Typhoon LagoonTyphoon Tilly’s
Wilderness LodgeRoaring Fork
Yacht ClubAle & Compass Lounge
Yacht ClubHurricane Hanna’s Grill

Standard Dining Plan Restaurants

Animal KingdomTusker House
Animal KingdomRainforest Cafe
Animal KingdomYak & Yeti Restaurant
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasBoma – Flavors of Africa
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasSanaa
Beach Club ResortBeaches & Cream SodaShop
Beach Club ResortCape May Cafe
BoardWalk Inn& VillasTrattoria al Forno
BoardWalk Inn& VillasESPN Club
BoardWalk Inn& VillasBig River Grille & Brewing Works
Caribbean Beach ResortShutters at Old Port Royale
Contemporary ResortThe Wave
Contemporary ResortChef Mickey’s
Coronado Springs ResortLas Ventanas
Coronado Springs ResortMaya Grill
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosSci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant
Disney’s Hollywood Studios50’s Prime Time Cafe
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosMama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosHollywood & Vine
Disney SpringsSplitsville Luxury Lanes
Disney SpringsChef Art Smith’s Homecomin’
Disney SpringsRaglan Road Irish Pub
Disney SpringsMorimoto Asia (Brunch e Almoço)
Disney SpringsHouse of Blues Restaurant & Bar
Disney SpringsParadiso 37
Disney SpringsTerralina Crafted Italian
Disney SpringsRainforest Cafe
Disney SpringsT-Rex
Disney SpringsPlanet Hollywood
Disney SpringsWine Bar George
Disney SpringsThe Edison
Disney SpringsMaria & Enzo’s Ristorante
Disney SpringsFrontera Cocina
EpcotLes Chefs de France
EpcotSan Angel Inn
EpcotLa Hacienda de San Angel
EpcotAkershus Royal Banquet Hall
EpcotCoral Reef Restaurant
EpcotTutto Italia
EpcotBiergarten Restaurant
EpcotThe Garden Grill
EpcotRose and Crown Pub & Dining Room
EpcotVia Napoli
EpcotTeppan Edo
EpcotRestaurant Marrakesh
EpcotTokyo Dining
EpcotSpice Road Table
EpcotNine Dragons Restaurant
Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundTrail’s End Restaurant
Grand Floridian Resort & SpaGrand Floridian Cafe
Grand Floridian Resort & Spa1900 Park Fare
Magic KingdomThe Crystal Palace
Magic KingdomTony’s Town Square Restaurant
Magic KingdomLiberty Tree Tavern
Magic KingdomThe Plaza Restaurant
Magic KingdomThe Diamond Horseshoe
Magic KingdomJungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
Old Key West ResortOlivia’s Cafe
Polynesian ResortKona Cafe
Polynesian ResortOhana
Port Orleans ResortRiverside – Boatwright’s Dining Hall
Saratoga Springs Resort & SpaTurf Club Bar and Grill
Wilderness LodgeWhispering Canyon Cafe
Wilderness LodgeArtist Point
Yacht & Beach ClubCaptain’s Grille

Deluxe/Signature Dining Plan Restaurants

All Star ResortsEntrega de uma pizza no quarto
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasJiko – The Cooking Place
Animal Kingdom Lodge & VillasIn Room Dining
Beach Club ResortServiço de refeição no quarto
BoardWalk Inn& VillasFlying Fish Cafe
BoardWalk Inn& VillasServiço de refeição no quarto
Caribbean Beach ResortEntrega de uma pizza no quarto
Contemporary ResortCalifornia Grill
Contemporary ResortServiço de refeição no quarto
Disney’s Art of Animation ResortEntrega de uma pizza no quarto
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosHollywood Brown Derby
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosHollywood & Vine (jantar)
Disney’s Hollywood StudiosSci-Fi Dine-In (café da manhã)
Disney SpringsMorimoto Asia (jantar)
Disney SpringsWolfgang Puck Bar & Grill Orlando
Disney SpringsJaleo
Disney SpringsThe Boathouse
Disney SpringsSTK Orlando
Disney SpringsPaddlefish
EpcotMonsieur Paul
EpcotLe Cellier Steakhouse
Fort Wilderness Resort & CampgroundHoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue (categorias 2 e 3 OU categoria 1 no show das 20:30)
Grand Floridian Resort & SpaCitricos
Grand Floridian Resort & SpaNarcoossee’s
Grand Floridian Resort & SpaServiço de refeição no quarto
Magic KingdomCinderella’s Royal Table
Magic KingdomBe Our Guest (jantar)
Polynesian ResortDisney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show (categorias 2 e 3)
Polynesian ResortServiço de refeição no quarto
Pop Century ResortEntrega de uma pizza no quarto
Port Orleans ResortEntrega de uma pizza no quarto
Wilderness LodgeServiço de refeição no quarto
Yacht ClubServiço de refeição no quarto
Yacht ClubYachtsman Steakhouse
Yacht ClubServiço de refeição no quarto

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