Disney Springs – The Complete Guide to Enjoy

Disney Springs is the Disney’s hub, formerly known as Downtown Disney, that complements the parks experience and features many shopping, dining and entertainment options.

The complex is always bringing new things, so in recent years dozens of new restaurants and stores have opened.

The face of Disney Springs does not stop changing and between classics that remain and new additions more than welcome, this space becomes more complete every day.

It’s amazing how many shopping, dining and entertainment options you can find there.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, I want to share my guide to Disney Springs here, with a complete and up-to-date list of its options, as well as my opinion on each of them.

But first, let’s make some basic clarifications to get everyone on the same page.

There are still many questions about what Disney Springs is, how it works, and so on.

Therefore, before going into more detail about each option in it, I will answer the questions I receive here so that no one arrives in the other parts of the guide with any doubts 🙂

What is Disney Springs?

As I mentioned above, it is a complex full of entertainment, food and shopping options.

Do you know how some cities have a busy center, full of options for fun? So Disney Springs is more or less the center of Disney.

In the past, the vast majority of stores were focused on Disney products, but more and more new options are appearing to complement the offer of the place.

With that, we are the ones who get along! More legal options at our disposal. Without a doubt Disney Springs is already a strong competitor to many malls, with sensational stores and breaks with great restaurants and the Disney atmosphere! Best combination impossible.

How to visit Disney Springs?

Anyone can visit Disney Springs as it does not require a ticket and does not charge for parking. Admission is free! Just choose your transport and get there whenever you want.

The opening hours are quite long, ranging from morning until dawn for some entertainment options.

It is located inside the Disney complex in Orlando. When I say complex, you can read “the latifundium” of the company in the city. If you want to see the address on Google Maps. It is also 10-15 minutes away from each Disney park using a car.


Although it doesn’t require a ticket and doesn’t charge parking, it’s important to say that there is no transportation from Disney Springs directly to the parks. In the past, this option even existed.

But then everyone started leaving their car there and taking the bus to the parks to avoid paying for parking. This led Disney to cut this route from its internal transport.

However, if you are at a park during the day and want to spend the night in Disney Springs, after 4 pm until 2 hours after the park closes (or until 11 pm if the park closes later), Disney offers buses so you can enjoy and leave your car in the parking lot.

Is Disney Springs Worth Visiting?

With so many options for restaurants, outlets and shopping in the city, many people ask me if Disney Springs really deserves a visit. My answer is always a categorical YES.

There’s a lot of cool stuff there, you just have to go with the right expectation, which in short is:

  • Disney Springs is not a park
  • And it’s not necessarily a full-day schedule

The idea there is to enjoy a set of schedules that individually are fast.

Go to a store, eat something there, shop, ride in the amphibious car, ride a Disney balloon or any other entertainment option and that’s it. By better understanding the proposal of this place, you can better fit it into your schedule and take advantage of what it offers.

When is the best time to visit Disney Springs?

I think Disney Springs is a very nice option for a late afternoon + night on a quieter day in your schedule, or for a dinner and late night. The nights are very lively there and that’s why this is my favorite time to go there. However, it’s also when it gets busier.

If you want to shop there, you can even go a little earlier to enjoy the wonderful Uniqlo, the huge Zara, the Sephora or many other options. In addition, there are several tasty restaurant options, live music in the streets, entertainment and lots of interesting things going on.

If you have a rush, you can leave a park that closes early and go there to close your night! Or even stop by after a day of shopping for whoever is staying closer to Disney (or not calling to take the car/Uber).

Disney Springs Top Stores

Disney Springs has a huge list of stores for you to shop and pamper yourself too. There’s something for everyone: from upscale boutiques to toy stores. You can’t miss World of Disney, simply the largest Disney merchandise store in the world.

It has exclusive items and delivers your purchases to your hotel (if you are staying inside the Walt Disney World complex). Another cool place is The Lego Store, which has amazing Disney character montages around the store.


Kids also love stopping by Build-A-Dino, where you can style a stuffed dinosaur your way.

There in Disney Springs there is also Disney Design-a-Tee, the complex’s original store, where you can develop a t-shirt from more than 400 exclusive prints. Altogether there are 100 stores, some known in Brazil, such as Kippling, Sephora, Pandora and Lacoste, and others that you can (and should) discover by walking around the complex, such as Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers (refined crystal shop), the Tren-D Store (womenswear made by Disney), Pearl Factory (a jewelry store that creates exclusive pearl designs), and many others.

Disney Springs Orlando: Crystal Arts by Arribas Brothers

Top Disney Springs Restaurants

Is it American food you want? Then The Boathouse is perfect for you! It is a restaurant specializing in seafood and meat. The lobsters are clean and well served. If you can, grab a table on the balcony overlooking Lake Buena Vista, which makes it all the more special and memorable.

Another nice place to go is Bongos Cuban Café, with Cuban food and drinks, with a decor that reminds us of Havana.

The restaurant has wonderful snacks to accompany the cocktails, and a good tip is to ask the waiters for the best combinations of food + drink flavors.


And representing the survivors of the old Downtown Disney, there are the classic Planet Hollywood Observatory and Rainforest Cafe (which looks like an African savanna inside!).

They are super suitable for those traveling as a family or in a group and have a great menu to satisfy your hunger after a whole day at the park.

And don’t miss a sweet at Ghirardelli Icre Cream & Chocolate Shop or Vivoli Il Gelato. There are more than 40 mouth-watering options among restaurants, bars, bakeries and bakeries. Leaving Disney Springs hungry is not one of them.

Disney Springs Orlando Information

Address: 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Hours of Operation: Open every day from 10 am to midnight (closing hours may vary between establishments in the location).

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