Disney Annual Pass: The Ultimate Guide

Disney Annual Pass is a useful choice for those who visit the Resorts often. Despite the changes on the program, it is still worthed. So, here’s the ultimate guide to purchase yours and have fun all year round!

What is Disney Annual Pass

A Disney Annual Pass gets you 12 months of Park Hopping and discounts. Also, there are a few different options and certainly one of them fits your needs.

Even those who do not live near the Resorts can enjoy the advantages. For example, a family of four wanting to visit the parks for a whole week. In that case, rather than purchase individual tickets each day, a better choice is to get an annual pass.

Magic Key

Due to Coronavirus pandemics, the company has decided to close the parks in 2020. For that reason, the program was suspended. Yet, in August 2021, Disneyland announced a renewal, changing the name to Magic Key. In essence, Disney Annual Pass stills the same.

The new pass is available only to Disney California Adventure and Disneyland. The sales start on August 25 and the costs vary from $ 399 to $ 1399. There will be four keys:

  • Imagine;
  • Enchant;
  • Believe;
  • Dream.

Walt Disney World Annual Passes

In spite of the restrictions, those who already have a Disney Annual Pass still can visit WDW using it. But, for now, new sales are not available. Though, the company promises it will be back in time for its 50th anniversary.

Benefits of Disney Annual Pass

The new Disney Annual Pass has special offerings and features. Amongst the benefits, there are discounts on food & beverage and merchandise. Besides that, Magic Key holders will get a dedicated dining experience and custom menu items, at an exclusive terrace.


Some events are also waiting for people that purchase this pass. Those range from festivals to a celebration month. On the other hand, there will be a full section on the Disneyland app. With all that, the company hopes to engage deeply with that kind of guest.

Types of Disney Annual Pass

As announced, there will be four alternatives on the new Disney Annual Pass. Check out the details of each one next.


This Magic Key is available only to Southern California Residents. So far, it allows the guest to make 2 reservations to theme parks altogether. In addition, Imagine Key includes 10% off on select merchandise and dining.


An option to those who live away from the Golden State is Enchant Key. It also provides the same discounts as the most basic pass. However, with this one, you can make up to 4 reservations at the same time.


If you are looking to hold up to more reservations, Believe Key is for you. It offers a total of 6 at a time. Compared to the other passes, it has an additional 50% off on parking.


The last type of Disney Annual Pass is the most expensive one. Obviously, it has many more benefits than the others. To begin with, the Dream Key allows you to make reservations for different dates. And it is valid to 6 at a time too.

Not only does it include standard theme park parking, with no extra taxes. As well, discounts are up to 20% on select merchandise and 15% on select dining.

How to get a Disney Annual Pass

Until this moment, WDW did not make an announcement on new sales. On the other hand, guests will be able to purchase Disneyland’s Magic Keys soon.

To become a Magic Key holder, the guests will have to wait until August 25. No earlier than 10 a.m. PT, it will be available on two different channels. Both on Disneyland’s web page and on the app.

After getting a Disney Annual Pass, the customer has to follow some steps. The calendar for each type of key will be available on the same day. Then, users can be able to consult reservation disposal and book.

Use your Magic Key in 3 simple steps

Changes caused by the new public health orders interfere on admission dates. So, it is very important to follow all the steps correctly. Only if you follow those, you will be able to use Disney Annual Pass. For that reason, meet the 3 of them.

First, check the calendar

The Magic Key access calendar contains admission and blockout dates. Other than that, it shows current park reservation availability.

Make a reservation

You will have to log in or create a Disney account. Secondly, visit Park Reservations to start the process. After that, choose the date and park you want to visit.

If you choose both parks, the option to select which one to start the day will be available. So, depending on capacity, you will be able to switch between parks on the same day beginning at 1:00 PM.

At last, confirm your book

Finally, it is mandatory to agree with the Terms & Conditions, including the COVID-19 liability waiver. So, review your reservation and confirm. Make sure confirmation arrives on your email address.

Prepare to present your Magic Key pass when you arrive. You can do that in the Disneyland app prior to the visit day.

Current Disney Annual Pass

For current WDW Annual Passholders wondering about updates, here’s a few things about this. It is important to realize that a Disney Annual Pass does not guarantee entry. Given that, you must make an advance reservation on the Disney Park Pass system.

Park Hopper

There will be specific hours on which guests will be able to change parks. So, stay tuned on My Disney Experience app and Park Hours calendar for newest information.


The new update is rigorous with reservations. Then, the passholders must book a visit for the first park they want to go to. Only after that, they will be able to visit another one, being subject to capacity.

Disney MagicMobile Service and MagicBands

WDW will no longer offer complimentary MagicBands with Disney Annual Pass. However, the guests can still use the current ones. Since March 2021, Disney MagicMobile service is available to replace them. The new option is a more contactless way to enjoy the parks.

What future holds

Both Disneyland and Walt Disney World are making huge efforts to keep and increase the benefits of a Disney Annual Pass. This is amazingly hard, especially in a pandemic scenario, due to the limitations it imposes.

At least, the magic is still surviving and future generations will be able to meet it. In fact, they are the biggest reason why it is worthed to spend extraordinary time on Disney’s Resorts.

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